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Thread: What Engine is in my car???

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2009-05-01 17:58:06
What Engine is in my car???
Okay so I haven't had much luck elsewhere. I recently purchased a '94 sentra SE-R but the engine in it is supposedly a 98 model "red Top" not just a painted valve cover, I can't seem to locate the p/n for the engine and it's not the same as the original feel free to help, Please.
2009-05-01 18:14:34
turbo or na? pic would help. and if you posted one sorry but the gov computers sometimes block photos from comming up
2009-05-01 18:18:17
The Engine is NA I'll try and get some pics up this weekend
2009-05-01 19:18:33
Is it a high port (throttle body is kind of under the intake manifold and fuel injectors are right on top) or is it a low port (throttle body is high up)?
2009-05-01 19:26:08
Take a look at the cooling neck on the engine...the one that goes to the top Rad.hose.
It will be stamped with a date of manufacture.
Most of the time these arent changed,so that will at least tell you what year the motor is.
As stated above the highport(91-93) has multiple runners on top,and throttle body down low.The lowport(94-up) will have one long big plenum across the top with the throttle bdy attached high on the engine.
2009-05-04 17:59:57
Ok so apparently I can't upload pic's until I donate money which I can't do right yet soooo. I took a look at the cooling neck and it had 94/3 on it so if the info is correct then it should be a lowport, question is..... which car did they run those in????
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