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Thread: Brake pad Battle!!!! Axxis V.S Hawk

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2009-04-30 10:03:55
Brake pad Battle!!!! Axxis V.S Hawk
If you guys had a choice between Axxis brake pads and the Hawk brake pads which one would you use? The winner of this thread will be purchased by me then I will do a try to write a product review about them. For now I need your help deciding.
2009-04-30 13:15:47
I saw your other thread and came over here to vote, and side with Dan on the Hawk HPS pads. I've never run Axxis though. I had the choice between every brake pad currently made and I went with Hawk HPS pads. There is some background to that decision though.

I used to run stock pads, then I put on the Wildood 11" bid brake kit up front and switched to Wilwood race pads (came with the kit). They stopped okay when cold but started to make WAY too much noise, they made a bit of dust, and they were probably tearing up my rotors.

I switched to a Wilwood street pad (grade D?) and things went a lot better. Less dust, no noise, decent stopping power when cold and hot.
When it came time to replace them I went with the Hawk HPS pads because I heard they were similar, and they were a lot easier to find than the Wilwood pads.

So far I'm happy with my Hawk HPS pads, but part of that is because I'm running a larger brake kit. If I had stock breaks I might be thinking about something stronger. Brake pads are pretty cheap though, so I'd start with the HPS (Or Axxis equivalent) and move up if you have to.
2009-04-30 13:22:40
Iv had axxis ultimate on my car they had great stopping power but wore quickly and dusted a lot. Iv also tried ebc which seemed weak. And now trying STILLEN Metal Matrix which are ok
2009-04-30 13:44:35
I had axxis metal masters on my stock P10 brakes, and I didn't particularly like them. They were noisy, dusted heavily, and didn't feel any better than the raybestos ceramics that they replaced.

When i went to the 11" P11 rotors, i swapped to EBC greenstuff pads. They're great for street, but are eating my rotors up. They also tend to fade a bit after some hard driving. I'd still recommend them for anyone who's planning on a street setup, as they've got good bite cold, and don't fade much when hot. I'm sure they'd start to fade worse when pushed on a track, but I don't have any actual experience to go by.

I purchased some HPS pads on clearance, which will go on as soon as these EBC's are worn out. Also picked up some sets for a Q45 caliper upgrade which I plan on completing sometime this year. I don't have any personal experience with them to give a solid review, however my vote goes to them because I didn't particularly care for the Axxis pads.
2009-04-30 13:52:26
i have axxis metal masters on my b15 all the way around and they are great. very little dust, not loud by any means. stop on a dime with the metal masters and brembo blanks. a great street pad and the occasional autox but not a race pad at all.
2009-04-30 14:37:55
I really dont think the Axis pads are on the same caliber as the Hawk HPS ... I have ran them both and yea, the Ultimate's are a great pad , but the Hawk HPS are just a better all around pad !! Work great for Street use and for Track use !!
2009-04-30 14:42:07
Hawk Pads.

I had axis on my SER with my 13 inch brakes and they were awfull. Switched to Hawk and they dust very little, and have way more bite.
2009-04-30 15:00:33
I've tried Hawk HPS, Carbotech Bobcats, and Axxis Ultimates. IMO, the HPS pads were more for street driving than track, they are definitely better than the axxis ultimates for daily driving. I take my B14 out for 1 or 2 HPDE's a year and alot of autocrossing, and feel much more comfortable and confident with the Axxis ultimates.

The axxis are my favorite hands down. They're somewhat quiet for a track pad, they work well in a wide range of temperatures, and they have at least as much stopping power as any of the other pads I've tried and significantly more than most.

The ONLY drawbacks I've found is the dust (youll be wiping down your wheels often) and some squealing... but that's last on my list of factors for brakes.
2009-04-30 21:57:20
Wow this is a heated battle its tied up right now thanks for the feedback guys please keep it coming.
2009-04-30 22:44:40
HAWK! i never actually used hawk pads but anything would be better then these Axxis Ultimates pads. They crack easy and make alot of brake dust!. Dont ge me wrong they stop well but i dont think they are durable enough for me. going to try hawk pads when i service my brakes

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