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Thread: another exhaust thread

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2009-04-21 02:45:32
another exhaust thread
I have searched the dash, g20.net and that other sr forum looking for a decisive answer to my predicament. 2.5 vs 2.25, which to go with. I will preface that I am running 2.5 headers, a pop charger and thats it. I may go with highport cams and advanced timing but thats about it for the mods list. If I found a good enough deal, I would possibly swap for ve. I am looking for a relatively quiet setup. For 2.5 I was looking at running a 22in resonator and a 5x11 muffler from magnaflow. I was looking at a 22in resonator and 5x8 muffler for the 2.25. I would like to run the 5x11 on 2.25 as well but it only comes in 2.5 sizes. I would think that if I am running a 2.5 downpipe and cat that dropping to 2.25 and back up to 2.5 would be worthless or even make it sound worse. I am also concerned about drone because I drive from home to college the bulk of my miles at 60-80mph.

What option do you guys think I should go with?
2009-04-21 03:14:59
2.25 imo for light mods/street
2009-04-21 03:24:50
You mean another exhausted thread/topic?

Get 2.5" and call it a day and never look back. With any aftermarket muffler, even 2" you will get a drone, because they are usually straight through. The reason stock mufflers are quiet is because they are restrictive.

I currently have a 2.5" exhaust, resonator, and 2.5" STI muffler, and I love it. You don't even hear it while driving in the car, but if your on the outside it's pretty good sounding. Mind you I do have a turbo to help with a deeper tone

This is with exhaust leaks, and I think the A/F was rattling in the muffler hehe.
YouTube - Sentra Dyno Run from the Back
2009-04-21 03:42:28
you have any in car clips? Is the sti muffler straight through?

I have heard that turbos cut down on the exhaust note a lot.
2009-04-21 03:42:54
I use the Dynomax Super Turbo muffler and it seems much quieter than compared to my straight through Magnaflow muffler before WOT. Its not a straight through muffler like how the magnaflows are and it has a S bend inside the muffler which helps with the noise. I have a full 3" mandrel pipping with the 3" muffler but I'm sure with the 2.5 it should be much quieter compared to mine. I had the annoying drone before but now it doesn't seem to be there with the dynomax.
2009-04-21 03:55:13
This is the muffler I was looking at compared to a stock p10 muffler. This guy is running the same setup I would run if I did 2.5 and he says its quiet but he hasnt posted videos yet.

I would like to keep it as stock sounding as possible and keep the tinging exhaust note to a min. I have thought about getting this muffler for the 2.25 setup as well even though it only comes in 2.5.
2009-04-21 04:24:56
Here are some pics of the dynomax and can be bought at Jegs.com, amazon.com, and summit.com for about $46.

Here is a quote from Summit also.
"Dyno tests prove it--Dynomax's Super Turbo mufflers are the closest you can get to running an open pipe, but a lot quieter. To make things even better, Super Turbos have more features than most other mufflers put together--less backpressure for improved quarter mile times, aluminized construction for long life and good looks, patented flow directors that channel exhaust for maximum performance, and fiberglass matting for a deep, throaty, powerful performance tone.

You'll like the sound, Dynomax guarantees it. If these mufflers don't live up to your expectations within the first 90 days, send them back to Dynomax and get a full refund."

So you get a full refund if you don't like the sound.
2009-04-21 04:49:47
Do you have and sound clips or vids? Id really like to hear how it sounds.
2009-04-21 05:38:32
Originally Posted by djcslice
Do you have and sound clips or vids? Id really like to hear how it sounds.

I don't but I can take some tomorrow. Mind you that I have a sr20ve with a full 3" mandrel pipping, 3" highflow cat and the dynomax muffler. Not sure what kind of resonator I have but it was my friends old turbo exhaust setup. It was really loud when I had my magnaflow with the same 3" cat, pipping and resonator. I was going to swap out the resonator with Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator because I heard it would help out with the droning but when the guy who I take to get welding done looked at it he said I'm better off changing the muffler and he was the one that recommended the dynomax over the magnaflow that I had on already. I'll try to take some in cabin and also idling and revving outside the car. Also 2.5 that your getting should be much quieter compared to my 3" I have now.

I think my exhaust may be louder than compared to Vadim's since he does have a turbo and turbo's are relatively quieter than N/A's because I know the exhaust that I was using on my friends turbo application was much quieter on his turbo sr20de setup compared to on my car which is N/A sr20ve.
2009-04-21 06:59:27
if you like drone mufflers that are big then eclipse v6 gt from 2005 stock muffler is the best an perfect for p10..

just buy a fujitsubo cant get any quieter
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