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Thread: Need a part ID'd

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2009-04-13 01:29:24
Need a part ID'd
Sorry no pic but it is a metal fitting that sits right behind you strut brace if you have one on the passenger side. It has some metal tube a bit bigger than the ones from the egr to bpt etc and connects to a large rubber hose. I am thinking power steering maybe but the noise coming from it (why i care what it is) seems to change with oil level. any help would be much appreciated
2009-04-13 04:30:01
the pump... is goin bad or line is pinched. doubt the lines pinched
2009-04-14 06:12:33
so it is the steering pump? can anyone confirm. Any estimate on time to install a new one? thanks
2009-04-14 11:04:22
Yeah PS pump.

It could just have a leak, most of our cars do at some point.For the time being, fill the fluid to the recommended level, jack the front end of the car up, so the front wheels are off the ground. Leave the cap to the fluid off, start the car turn the wheel from full lock side to side a couple of times. Then turn the car off and turn the wheel from lock to lock a couple more times. Then put the car on the ground and listen to see if that got rid of the noise. If the noise is still there the pump is on its way out. Otherwise you have a leak to find.

The PS pump is a bitch to change in the car, give yourself plenty of time
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