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Thread: blown piston ring

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2009-04-09 03:33:02
blown piston ring
does anyone know how much a piston ring is or wear i could buy a new piston ring. Also can i do it myself, would this be a drive way job. oh the engine is a bluebird. thanks for the help.
2009-04-09 07:18:10
driveway job? Realistically, no. You really want a shop environment with good tools for that, considering you need to remove the pistons entirely which is basically a full rebuild. You gotta take out the engine, disassemble it completely, redo bearings, at this point it's a good idea to look at the cylinders and rehone them or possibly get some shop work done. The moment an engine needs to go on an engine stand, I say driveway doesnt work.

Rings arent that bad, you can find them on most auto parts sites, like rockauto.com unless you're looking for more performance end stuff. Normally you buy in sets of 4.
2009-04-09 14:21:38
Hit up me or Greg in the Gspec forum section or by email.
Gspec has everythign you need!

2009-04-09 15:01:45
What you need to do before you even attempt to do this is get a FSM and read how to do the job.... Be honest with yourself about your abilities and place you are going to do this. When you say "blown ring" what do you mean? ... blow by, burnt ring land, broken ring??? Is there ant damage done to the cylinder wall? If so does it need to be bored or sleeved? Rebuilding a motor is not very hard if you have the right tools, take your time, and most important DO YOUR RESEARCH.

2009-04-09 15:22:25
Very good advice^^^^^^^^^^^^

x2 GregV has what you need.
2009-04-10 01:37:34
You could do it with the engine in the car. You just have to take the head off, then remove the oil pans. You can even do a hone job with the motor still in the car. It's just a really big PITA on some of the cars.
2009-04-11 02:29:32
do you have experience with something like this? i would rather have someone you know that might have a shop help you out.
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