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Thread: Hesitation and Loss Of Power Under Load

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2009-04-05 01:11:30
Hesitation and Loss Of Power Under Load
Hey all, got my car running and all the leaks sorted, and drove it home under it's own power today Unfortunately it seems to have issues accelerating or going uphill in lower RPMs. Keep in mind, fresh rebuild, so I'm really avoiding 4k+. Now, compression when I installed the engine was fine across the board (although I havent checked again yet), so my #1 suspect is bad gas. This thing has some gas that's 2 years old in it. Is power loss that noticeable something you can expect from old separated gas? I'd hope thats all it is, but if it's something else, I want to get on top of it right away.

As always....TIA
2009-04-05 01:33:09
Thats where i would point the blame first. Get rid of the old gas and get some fresh 93 in there and see if you still have the problem.
2009-04-05 01:54:04
No reason for 93 octane, but yeah it's tough to burn through a full tank haha, they always die right after you fill up
2009-04-05 01:58:04
I hope you put in some new spark plugs

An intake leak will do this too hehe
2009-04-05 02:00:19
Originally Posted by Vadim
I hope you put in some new spark plugs

An intake leak will do this too hehe

NGKs baby! Yeah, i had an intake leak on the egr system, got that squared away. Sprayed starting fluid around the manifold and got nothin, so I'm confident it's sealed nicely.
2009-04-05 02:15:33
I remember getting the weird hesitation randomly on my old motor, usually resetting the ECU did the trick, or letting it self learn for a week.
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