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Thread: Engine Installation

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2009-03-16 03:29:55
Engine Installation
I know I've seen a thread somewhere where we all discussed the best way to install an engine, but I can't remember where it was, whether it was here or on the old forum, and the mighty Search button was no help on either site.

Anyway, I'm preparing to finally drop my engine in my car, but seeing as how I can't raise my car enough to slide it underneath I need to consider my options for dropping it in the top. I was considering lowering the engine and transmission through the bay and assembling them on the floor, then raising them into position together. The other obvious way would be to just put them together and drop it all in at once, but it seems to me that the space just isn't there to do that. I distinctly remember having to f*ck with the thing to pull it out the top and I don't know if it's worth the effort to do that again.

Anyone who has any ideas or insights I'd appreciate it alot. Also, if you remember the thread I referred to (hell, I even posted in it and can't find it anymore) post it up! It's full of alot of great info that should be put into some sort of HOW TO thread. Please and thank you!
2009-03-16 03:48:56
If you cant get the car high enough with your jack, then get some wooden blocks and keep working your way up. Going in and out through the bottom is the only way IMO. (pun intended)

To get it out the top you have to take it out at an angle with the pulley side coming up first at an angle to get the transmission end to clear the frame rail.
2009-03-16 04:08:13
Use the hoist to lift the car. I've got some pretty good pics and such in my old project thread:

B14 Sentra SE Project - SR20 Forum

Swap starts on post 170
2009-03-16 04:09:09
Crim had a how to thread, but I think the pictures went down.

I put my tranny and engine through the top, it was a bit painful to fit it in but I had 2 more people help me and with enough patience and removal of parts like the radiator we got it in
2009-03-16 04:27:34
Originally Posted by swiss
Use the hoist to lift the car. I've got some pretty good pics and such in my old project thread:

B14 Sentra SE Project - SR20 Forum

Swap starts on post 170

Oh very nice. I'm liking that method.
2009-03-19 03:44:11
i've done 2 swaps through the top, as long as you have 1 person on each side an another workin the crane everythings ok.. u have to slip that tranny in first an get it tuckin .. then once you clear a few things an have some room get that passenger side mount bolt in.. then the tranny mount bolts are simple the rest goes together pretty smoothly, i also reccomend leavin the engine harness on so u can swap everything over with ease..
2009-03-19 04:06:24
bottom is the only way in my book, my first swap i did was through the top and i will never go back, it takes soo much more time, through the bottom you dont have to remove the hood, you dont have to take off near the stuff and its soo much easier. I would never do another swap in a sentra/200sx through the top.....ever. I can do a swap through the bottom by myself noone else helping, try doing that through the top, well i did the one and only time and never will again. Its night and day difference when doing it through the bottom.

Hope this helps.
2009-03-19 04:15:00
Going through the top is scary for me because I don't feel like messing up the paint or something like that.
2009-03-19 04:19:09
you wont mess up the paint unless your bein crazy with it.. everyone has they're own ways of doing things, one thing i will say is it was alot easier to drop a VE in through the top then a high port de.. if you have a way to doit from the bottom go for it.. it seems easy, my friend who has now done it both ways says he like to doit from the bottom better also.. but both ways work
2009-03-19 04:25:04
yeah i'm going through the bottom but to each his own and both will work.
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