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Thread: Valve diffrances

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2009-03-04 06:53:36
Valve diffrances
Figured I would post this on this forum too just for future refrance:

I have a sort of basic question: Are all SR20 valves the same?

Story: So I am about to start my second project engine and wanted to do some heavy head work. I know the VE breaths the best out of all the heads, but I wanted to keep wit the R head for this project. I found some +1mm valves (both intake and exhaust) but the seller says they are for the VE head. So, my question is do we know of any diffrances in the SR20 valves, or should it be safe to say that if the valve works in one SR20 it will work in all of them?

2009-03-04 07:04:36
DET valves have larger stems on the exhaust side.

The VE's are different than DE's and DET's
2009-03-04 12:41:28
I *think* RR valves are shorter, but I'm not 100% on that.
2009-03-04 13:01:19
91-99 DE and DETs share the same Intake Valves, 6mm stem

JDM DE 10 to 1 and DETs share the same exhaust Valve, Sodium filled 7mm stem

When ordering valve seals

DEs and DETs intake side always get standard DE valve seals

10 to 1 JDM DEs and DETs exhaust side buy 91-98 240sx Valve seals
2009-03-04 16:34:58
The boys over on the GTi-R forums are saying our valves are diffrent then the others. Could the VE valves be modified to work in a GTi-R head? I am thinking the length is the major diffrance.

EDIT: Helps if I read and actully think about what you guys have layed out for me. Ya, the R's are solid valves so we are once again up the creek on something. Guess I should start searching the Jap sites for proformance GTi-R vavles...

Thanks guys. Any more imput would be nice, just FYI.
2009-03-05 05:46:08
Finally found the diffrance: the GTi-R valves are longer then all other SR's valves. By about 0.7mm. Other then length they match up with some other SR20's valve size.

The moment in life where 0.7mm ruins my day.
2009-03-05 11:14:27
Sure you could look for other makes of vehicles' aftermarket valves for something suitable...
2009-03-05 16:06:17
That's what I am doing. I'm sure its going to be a long hard road.
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