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Thread: Brand new and I think I already screwed up?!?!

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2009-03-03 01:30:26
Brand new and I think I already screwed up?!?!
well I thought id shoot some carb cleaner in the TB to loosen up the junk in there, while i was at it I decided to shoot some in the MAF. I go to start the car it revs up then dies. The car will run as long as i keep on the gas , but soon as i let off, it dies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im kinda rushing right now so I can go work on it before it gets too dark.

Thanks in advance.
2009-03-03 01:39:36
Alright carb cleaner is really bad for your MAF. There is specified MAF cleaner, please get a can of that instead hehe.

Now if you didn't kill your maf already, you need to let it dry before starting the car again hehe.

If you really need to get to work, take the MAF off and try it with the hair dryer. But don't expect your car to run well or get good gas mileage, you probably permanently damaged it already hehe.
2009-03-03 01:44:42
lord please help this man you came to the right place to learn though. Welcome
2009-03-03 01:45:07
uh, thats great. I called around for a new maf and holy ****!!!! dealer wanted $500! pepboys $250!! Im screwed!

Anyone have a loaner? hehe!
2009-03-03 01:46:00
they are all over the classified section. You can get a good one for 30 bucks or so.
2009-03-03 01:46:40
Originally Posted by morgans432
lord please help this man you came to the right place to learn though. Welcome

I wish god was here right now! He'd probably know what was wrong, haha!
2009-03-03 01:47:23
na he doesnt work on cars only sandals.
2009-03-03 01:48:51
WOW! You people on this site dont waste time with replies! This is great! I am a newb, But im not a actual "NEWB", i swear!

Ill be on here alot! if I fix it of course.
2009-03-03 01:50:35
dont sweat it man, sometimes you have to learn from mistakes and such is life. Post a thread in the wanted section for a de maf and you should have it right away.
2009-03-03 02:13:56
I have a good DE maf, I'll send it to you for $30 plus shipping. pm me. It's even powdercoated black and looks real nice.
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