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Thread: GA to SR Swap, how can i keep PS?

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2009-02-24 11:22:20
GA to SR Swap, how can i keep PS?
I have a 96 200sx se with a RR swap. Anyway to keep power steering? if so which pump and hose would i use? The GA has the chunky line with one banjo style end and the other is one piece that screws onto the hardline (similar to how the hardlines attach to the brake master cylinder), whereas the SR line has a banjo style on both ends of the chunky line. Thanks.
2009-02-24 14:19:20
take the 1.6 line to house of hose or somewhere that makes custom hoses and have them make the line 4-6 inches longer. That's what I'm doing with mine.
2009-02-24 18:26:42
Why not just get a pump and hoses from an SR? I think i have most of it at home if not all. Let me know if you are interested.
2009-02-24 18:43:04
...i dont understand the question here. we did a srswap into jen36's car a long time ago and i dont recall any issues with powersteering
2009-02-24 18:45:59
^Powersteering shouldn't be an issue at all.
2009-02-24 20:52:11
your making stuff harder then it is. just find the power stearing line out of a SER and use that line and banjo bolts with it. make sure you get the washers that go in between the banjo bolts. also i dont know if the line from a RR motor and 91-94 Sr is diffrent or not but all i did was pull the line out of a nx and was done with that. note that a P10 hose is diffrent from a B13 hose. so since its a rr motor you might have to find a hose from a newer b15 or maybe a b14
2009-02-24 21:00:27
I have a sr20 power steering pump and hose. the ps pump is on. the problem is the SR ps hose i was sent supposed to be from a 95 b14 with a DE (dont know if they changed in 96 or not) but it looks like this with banjo bolts on both ends...

The end of the GA hose looks like this...And my hardline screws into that part on the left of the line

I thought getting a SR pump and hose i should be good to but but obviously not....What do i need to do?!
2009-02-25 02:22:46
u have the same hose as a p10 like i said they might have changed it on the b14. just get a line from a 91 to 94 ser and u should be good.
2009-02-25 02:33:56
Dang so i got shafted buying that ps line....Anyone have the right line i need?!?!
2009-02-26 18:45:18
Like I said above, take the GA ps line to house of hose or someone locally who makes hoses and lines and have them use your GA ps line and make it about 4-6 inches longer. Otherwise you're going to have to replace all of the ps lines with the sr20 lines, and I personally wouldn't want to be doing that. I'd just rather pay a few bucks to have one line custom made.

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