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Thread: Coil on plug ....

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2009-01-25 19:55:13
Coil on plug ....
I was wondering how many of you have done a coil on plug conversion ?? and what you used ???
2009-01-25 20:03:30
This is what I am going to use:
M&W pro-14
CBR coils
B15 dizzy with CS cover

This is what most the high hp honda guys run besides the Motec stuff which is crazy expensive. I am just going to run a AEM standalone.

Pm me if you want to go this route because I have already worked out a deal with some one on a full harness and the M&W box.
2009-01-25 20:05:23
I have the AEM EMS ....I was looking at the factory 20v cas , and trying to use the AEM pencil coils , but I lack the knoledge to know if they can work together ??
2009-01-25 20:17:30
The AEM coils are basicly CBR coils and CBR coils are cheaper. Mazworx runs them on there S15 that make well over 1000hp. You can use a 20V cas but you will need a ignition box to run COP. Do not buy the AEM ignition system because you will be sending it back.
2009-01-25 20:26:40
Dont buy any damn aftermarket coils. Waste of money and time.

I will put this into perspective.

A SR20DE 91-94 coil can support 250 WHP without any problems. There are guys making 350-400 WHP on stock coils. It has to fire all 4 cylinders.

Get 4 stock SR20DE coils for free or less than $10 a coil and make a mounting bracket for them.

you can clearly see that 4 SR20DE coils could handle 1000 WHP without even stressing the coils. You also need to consider how much less the coil will work having to only fire on 1 cylinder. This will allow it to fire hotter as it has more time to upcharge and fire.

If you want to get smaller coils you can use the ones from the 240sx 91-94 or the 91-94 GA16DE motor.

Please make note how small the SR20DE coil is in a 200sx SER. It fits insode the distributor. So you now know what I am saying and theu can handle 350+ WHP no problem.
2009-01-25 20:38:25
I'm rocking Honda CBR coils as well. They were stupid cheap off a 2005 bike from eBay in terrific condition for $50. Can't beat that, unless like Dre says, you can find 4 stock coils laying around for coil-near-plug and can scrounge up some plug wires for cheap or re-use stock stuff. I don't see the point in bothering when the CBR stuff is so cheap.

I had to go COP though... If I didn't have to diсk around with the stock ignition, I wouldn't have. It's good enough for my power goals and more.

About the CAS... I had to swap mine for a newer (built in coil) unit to get the correct size CAS disc. This is not for AEM though. With AEM I hear you should be fine with the stock CAS. Sorry for rambling. If you have any questions, just shoot back.
2009-01-25 21:07:06
I was thinking this is where I might run into a problem ...I might just upgrade the coil for the time being intill I can puttogether a good ingnition setup
2009-01-25 22:17:41
I've got the 20V CAS(Thanks Greg V) & the AEM pencil coils to go with the aem ems for my ve-t build.
My stock coil started breaking up on the dyno at about 400whp.
2009-01-25 22:40:20
Just curious what type of HP you guys are shooting for?

I know with Manny's VE-T set up (mid 500's) he was using the OEM ignition set up with a MSD coil. Worked like a charm. I am doing the same with my VE-T.
2010-02-18 04:08:42
Well what do you guys think of the LS1 coils ??
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