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Thread: Coil on plug ....

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2010-09-04 20:33:32
If someone could find a pic of an s14 CAS disk and see if they made any changes to it.
2010-09-04 20:34:29
I think the change would be on the S15 unit.
2010-09-04 20:40:09
just from what ive googled they both look the same on s13 and s14
2010-09-04 20:59:29
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
You can get the ecu and harness for less than 200 and the coils are dirt cheap as well as the ignitor chip. Thats about all i can think of that would need to be changed.
Just don't try to use the S13 or S14 coils obviously. =]

And just for completeness, here is the FWD 54mm CAS disc (comes in the distributors without the built in coil).

2010-09-04 21:03:40
Yeah, you wont be able to. They wont fit, haha, just get yourself some cheap gsx-r coils and wire them that way. They fit soo well.
2010-09-04 21:23:34
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Yeah, you wont be able to. They wont fit, haha, just get yourself some cheap gsx-r coils and wire them that way. They fit soo well.

But they won't give you much of a spark compared to automotive ones.

I am just thinking of a setup for forced induction which will give enough voltage that we can run wide plug gaps (1.0-1.1mm) for better ignitability trough the whole rpm range. A wider gap gives better response,burn and emissions.
2010-09-04 21:43:31
Yah I forgot about your question about the plug gap. I don't know if any ignition system is good enough to run a lot of power on a 4 cylinder with a 1.1mm plug gap. I don't have any clue if you can do that or not. My guess is not.
2010-09-04 21:58:38
So hypothetically , an engine setup like yours wont be able to run those 11psi of boost from a T28 at 0.044" plug gap even if the ignition is made COP?
If so , would the MSD 6A make it up in the low rpm/load with the multiple spark ? Will it compensate for the small plug gap like 0.030" for better driveability?
2010-09-04 22:02:57
The multiple spark helps during idle and low rpm for drivability and makes up mostly for the small gap, yes. If you're going to keep power relatively low (300 WHP or less) then you don't have to worry about drivability, small plug gaps and ignition upgrades at all. Just run stock.
If you're going for the moon, then you need to start figuring things out.
2010-09-08 17:45:39
Originally Posted by BenFenner
richardwbb, here is a thread you might want to read and ask questions in:

That is too much info for me I've read about it and learning that I need some other pricey parts too, I can understand that the original ignition will hold up on turbo'd engines.

I have just a SR20DE, but I was looking for the best spark possible and for that I'm willing to replace my o.k. coil for a new one. However, pricing differs overhere from $60 - $160 for a stock coil.

Also, I found out that the stock coil in the Nx2000 also is found in a Ford Maverick 2.4i and a Micra K10 1.2 so now I start wondering how good the coil is anyway.

So for my SR20DE I see no need to invest that much money for a better spark, and my initial plan was a single upgraded coil because I worked on a Datsun N10 with spark issue and it turned out to be the coil. Then replaced for a Bosch coil intended for VW Beetl's where Bosch stated that it would throw out 48000 Volts which was a universal coil meant for older engines, claiming better fuel economy and other things, which turned out to be true, also I sidegapped my sparkplugs and still experimenting with a larger gap, it works quite well.

But for the bigger gap I'm looking for a Voltage increase on the original coil. I stumbled up on a red AEM or MSD coil of which I can't find the link anymore, but it's connectors are different and it claimed I would need another part for their system to work.

But I just learned that basicaly any coil would work and since I'm willing to buy a new coil but can take my time for this, I'm looking for one with just a higher output.

However, I seem to be stuck now, I do find coils that look promising but then the connector is different and I don't know the proper primary and secondary windings/ required resistance, still I believe it is worth looking for a proper replacement if it only where to increase mileage, because that usually pays back in no time and of course it will also mean a slight increase in power. Then again, it won't be big power increase, but a car drives so much better with a huge and powerful spark...
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