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Thread: Coil on plug ....

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2010-02-18 04:19:18
i swear i must have a mutant jdm coil or something, as everyone has been saying they are getting ignition breakup at around 400whp. How? I was at 461whp@24psi, plug gap at .24, Im now around 550whp@30psi and plug gapped at .20 and still not a sign at all of ignition breakup anywhere in the powerband. I think alot of it has to do with your plug gaps.

Its been known in the evo community to keep the stock ignition although already COP, and just gap the plugs down to .20-.22.

Again i must have a mutant coil or something. Im using stock oem nissan low mileage jdm plug wires as well.


Dont know, All i do know is i will continue to use the stock ignition until its no longer sufficient.
2010-02-18 04:22:23
btw, has anyone ever thought of the possibility of running a 20v CAS with say an S13 ecu. Seems like it would be easy enough if you could get an S13 harness uncut with Ignitor, ECU, and if the 20v CAS would work with it, if not maybe look into adapting the S13 one.

Just some thoughts.
2010-02-18 04:26:46
I think you could probaly use the CAS in the stock dist. that is what you do with the AEM ems , you can then run the LS1 coils buy wiring them in through the avalible outputs if you had the S13 ECU you might be able to do somthing similar....I dont know
2010-02-18 05:01:49
Check out the 900+hp pulsar that cliff posted iirc it has cop with 4 stock looking coilpacks.
2010-09-02 23:40:22
I'm charmed about a 4 coil setup, I can get them cheap, however, I wonder where to start looking to wire this up? I mean, I can't really lose the rotor, for the CAS sensor.
2010-09-02 23:47:02
If you want to run 4 coils just get 4 stock SR20DE Sentra coils and you will have enough spark for 1600 WHP.

1 stock coil can make 400 WHP with no problem on a 4 cylinder motor.

So 4 coils can make 1600 WHP plus easily. The reason is that each coil has more time to store up energy before it has to fire.

With that being said if a factoy coil could only suport 400 WHP by itelf on a SR20DE. Then only firing 1 cyliner with that same coil could maybe handle 500 WHP on it own.
2010-09-03 00:45:53
i am running s15 coils with stock b13 optical sensor on my AEM equipped VE. if you are looking to go more than say 400 whp i would not use a 3 wire coil and instead use a M&W type setup with cbr coils or similar. on the 200+ hp VE i can run .44+ gaps all the way past 9k with no missing.
2010-09-03 00:51:16
Ok, I'm obviously not getting this
2010-09-04 14:56:44
I have 4 LS1 coils run on my AEM EMS , I am using the 24 tooth CAS disc and I cut the pole off for the rotor so I just have the cas disc with a cover I made for it .....but this is with an AEM EMS
2010-09-04 15:04:50
nissan crazy, I want pics of the cover you came up with.

richardwbb, here is a thread you might want to read and ask questions in:

This is just fun:

You need to realize that to run COP you need an ECU capable of controlling 4 individual coils. For most people that is am AEM EMS although other options are out there. Conceivably a RWD DET ECU could be used with a lot of re-wiring I believe. Also for most people it is not necessary and not worth it.
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