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Thread: 91-96 G20 Cat back exhaust!!

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2009-01-26 23:51:24
Lets just keep this one up to see what others have to say ... im curious. Ill start a new one as well but just amuse me. Just like Chris did to me with the header fiasco, lets just see what people have to say. Good or bad I wan to hear it, how about you??
2009-01-26 23:51:27
Originally Posted by Andreas
You are right Tekkie but I dont see any ground breaking advances selling the same exhaust.

He know he has done nothing to add to the design of the VRS-Miami Muffler exhaust so he just need to admit it.

I don't see any ground breaking advances for the FWD SR20, period. With VERY STRICT EXCEPTION to a few of the godfather FWD SR20 clan (Chuck, Mark, etc.), it's a pretty dead market.

Hell, the 94 POS Honda Del Sol I had still had more aftermarket support than you could shake a stick at. I found that very hard to swallow.

That's the problem. You have maybe 3 or 4 individuals in the entire marketplace that own the most shares, because their products have been backed by them for years. So of course no one will buy from the new guy, when he shows up at your doorstep with some product that looks nice, but you haven't seen in operaton.

Whole point I'm trying to make is that this guy actually came to his target audience to solicit ideas, and to get the community involved in something they wanted, themselves. So what if it looks like something else. That's always the end result anyway.

I guarantee you if no one made stealth headlights, someone out there would do it and then start turning sales up. It sure looks like a regular headlight, but has a black housing...

Anyhow, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the guy does well, then congratulations. If not, then that's just what he will have to deal with in this community. Best of luck regardless! Hope he's ready for the cheapness that is the SR20 community in general. (No offense to any of you reading this, in any way.)
2009-01-26 23:57:59
2009-01-27 00:07:57
Ive gota say the other forum put up a much bigger fight but still in all I can understand why. It is a small market and most of you have had a hand in most of the designs, so with that you feel they are just as much yours and how dare anyone else. Well I am hear to say we want to continue that whole idea and take all comments into consideration and do what we can with what we have to offer.

Hopefully you will all see the quality of the work in the intakes that we are building and testing and will accept us into the market with other items like rear camber adjustable mounts, brake options, etc ...

We are on many forums offering our service to the GB and forum community, trying to keep the price low and the quality high.
2009-01-27 00:09:58
Have you gotten all the info you need and moved it to the right area?
2009-01-27 00:10:32
Start fresh and clean and like I said I will not post in your thread.
2009-01-27 00:12:51
So I just read 7 pages of this crap? What is the big deal? The guy is selling an exhaust? Whats the big deal?
2009-01-27 01:27:45
Just like Mr. Crim above I did read all 7 pages carefully.

1. Bluebomer if you need to find a guinea pig to test your catback go to the FL section and find it there.

2. After you made your "test" fits and are ready to sell a kit there is a vendor section at the bottom of the classifieds that you can use. Make a thread there and let interested buyers ask all the questions they need.

Thread Closed. Problem Solved.
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