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Thread: 91-96 G20 Cat back exhaust!!

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2009-01-26 17:07:39
So you are telling me that you have not said you work with them in this thread VRS-Miami Muffler.
2009-01-26 17:08:45
YouTube - Fedor Arlovski(SPOILER)
2009-01-26 17:09:50
Originally Posted by Andreas
So in which way do you work closely with them. Explain.

Originally Posted by bluebomber
They build a kit, we test for fitment and issues, like the axle over issue and correct it to make a better product. We also develop brand new kits such as the NX. Satisfied?
i dont get it, Im getting kits made for cheaper and you are complaining. Give me a break if you dont want to buy then dont, but dont try and make this something it isnt. We all know the prices of things so we can all see that there is no profit in these.

Originally Posted by Serban
Are you kidding? VRS has had kits for all these cars available for quite a few years. Thank Andreas for that one. You're not getting anything new made, or cheaper for that.

If you want to sell their exhaust kits through your company, by all means, but don't make it sound like you're the one building, or coming up with them, when all you're doing is selling something that's already available.

Originally Posted by bluebomber
Not true, we have worked for months to modify systems, change angles, offer different mufflers and whole new kits like the NX; please dont question how many times Ive been under the car to take measurements or pictures to optimize a design.

OK, so you say you work with them, and then you dont? wtf?
2009-01-26 17:11:28
Originally Posted by Andreas
So you are telling me that you have not said you work with them in this thread VRS-Miami Muffler.

No bro ... I said other suppliers not Miami muffler. Just ask that guy Miguel. I have never bought anything from him. I dont even know him. Seriously!
What else do you want?!!

once again why would I spend my time and money to send Joe(happynole) a kit that is already out there? That doesn't even make sense. I'm even giving it to him for a ridiculous price after is is all said and done. Now why would i do something like that and how could i be in business if I sold his kits for less money. That would mean I loose money every time. Come on ...
2009-01-26 17:13:29

Originally Posted by Andreas
YouTube - Fedor Arlovski(SPOILER)
2009-01-26 17:40:50
How much would 3" stainless piping be with out muffler, flanges, hangers,or ball joint...just piping?
2009-01-26 18:19:01
Originally Posted by hachee1
How much would 3" stainless piping be with out muffler, flanges, hangers,or ball joint...just piping?

Im just around $300 bu tthat is with all hardware minus the muffler. I currently dont have them made without the hardware. Let me check and Ill get back to you.
2009-01-26 18:21:54
Why is it that the VRS pricing is not logical? they charge $25 more for a 3" option on just the piping but for the kit they charge $66. And for ss they charge $50 on the piping and $90 on the kit. What changes from the piping kit to the full kits? i though it was only the muffler that was being added???

Like I said that piping price is awesome ... but if you are going to be adding a muffler then mine is a better buy.
2009-01-26 18:36:27
I already have a 3" stainless oval/stock shaped muffler, and I'm a certified welder, so I can add/change anything on the piping as I see fit. I'm just checking your price vs. making my own exhaust.
2009-01-26 18:49:22
I dont get all this competition. People will go elsewhere to buy something to save $1 and when they have a problem with something they are suprised and confused. Its like the SSAC header. They crack, leak, sometimes dont fit and people complain about it like they just spend $2000 on it.

I make 3" mild steel and stainless exhaust but I dont advertise it because of threads like this. People only want to buy the cheapest. I offer to the customer on how they want something built and built to their specs, not how they have to buy it from someone blowing them out only as is.

People always ask me why i dont build 3" exhausts and kits... I do but i just dont offer them at chinease knockoff pricing.

On the other forum when you started talking about "reverse engineering" one of my headers, I was going to jump on there but after 9 pages of everyone bashing you about copying it i'm sure you got it through your head.

You talked about redesigning it to make it better, but i'm sure you dont know much about header design and engineering to "make it better" do you even know what the stepped megaphone header was designed for? do you know the best setup for the VE motors? what about N1 cams? If you want to make a cheap header for everyone, then why dont you start buying the SSAC headers from china and start selling them for $100 and call it the redesigned chuck header. for $100 i'm sure you will sell a lot of those at $25 below the competition....
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