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Thread: Power Steering Rack Problems

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2007-12-31 04:58:48
Power Steering Rack Problems
so a few days ago my car had to go to the dealership to get a wheel bearing replaced and they tell me that I need to get the power steering rack replaced and the only option is to the replace the entire thing, even though there is just a small drip of fluid coming out of the left side, I was told you can just crimp a section of pipe over it to stop the flow and save myself the $1400 to get it fixed

Any suggestions on what I should do? they told me it's part #49001, but couldn't I just get the #49510N?

I really am lost any help is appreciated...
2008-01-19 21:34:05
Where'd you go, Zimbrick or Kayser? I was a Nissan master cert. tech at Zimbrick sinve they got Nissan from Jon Lancaster. If you need something done on the side, let me know. PM me.
2008-01-19 22:45:13
The reason why it is $1400 is Nissan does not rebuild racks, they replace then brand new which is like $700.00. Good for my Maxima, bad for my NX. Why and i cheap with the NX I will never know.
2008-01-20 05:53:25
Yeah I got it taken care of a little while ago, originally they were asking $1200 for the part $500 for labor, but then I went to courtesy and talked to clinton (if you know who that is) and claimed it was a different part, which it wasn't since the part numbers matched up exactly, but eventually I just went to bumper to bumper and got a rebuilt rack with a lifetime warranty for like $300, still paid the $500 for labor but I'm counting it as a win anyways.

and it was zimbrick
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