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Thread: Engine Block Heater (EDIT* Now with actual install pics)

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2009-01-11 03:54:56
Engine Block Heater (EDIT* Now with actual install pics)
What does this actually do?

G Spec Performance - Block Heater Kit (2.0)
2009-01-11 04:12:17
lessens the shock of cold starts for extreme cold areas up north. plug it in and it heats up the coolant in the block
2009-01-11 04:20:28
Does it go in one of the freeze plugs?
2009-01-11 04:23:58
Originally Posted by blairellis
Does it go in one of the freeze plugs?

I think so. It threads into the block. It may be the one over the oil temp sensor on the back.

Yes for cold start up in higher lats.
2009-01-11 04:29:21
I wonder how difficult of an install this would be...temps up here in MI suck in the winter.

I'd consider using this if the install was relatively easy. It would sure make getting in the car early in the morning a bit nicer if the coolant was already warm.
2009-01-11 05:16:17
In case anyone else is wondering about it, I found some install instructions here:

2009-01-11 05:20:22
Install isn't hard at all. You can drain the coolant and then do it, or if you just don't mind getting soaked then all you have to do is locate a 12mm allen head 3/8 drive socket (1/2 would be nice) and there is a thread in thing under the intake manifold that is extremely tight in there. Best thing to do is get some penetrating chemical such as PB Blaster and let it soak into the threads for a bit.

I'm not sure how hard it is with the stock intake manifold, because I am running an o2 induction clone and all of that is out of the way for me. Might be easiest if you remove the intake manifold...
2009-01-11 05:56:57
ive never used one and it gets to -10,-15 sometimes. hell, a big enough coat and starting it up is no problem, its the noise of the belts and the cold ass steering wheel that gets ya.

quit being a puss
2009-01-11 05:57:28
I did mine from underneath with the stock intake manifold. It's a bitch, but do-able. I took pics during the install about a month ago and was planning on posting a "How To" when I got around to it. I did mine at the same time as the starter since I was under there already.

I installed it to help with cold start as my EMS doesn't have the greatest cold start tune right now.
2009-01-11 07:45:37
Ben: If you can post the pics that would be helpful to me. Thanks!
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