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Thread: Battery relocation question

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2008-12-21 20:58:27
Battery relocation question
I am planning on moving the battery in my S13 to the trunk soon, using a Summit relocation kit and a few other goodies. I've got the routing for the cables figured out and so forth but I'm wondering how to secure the battery box to the trunk floor. Should I just use a couple fender washers and bolts, or what?

This is the kit I'm using: Summit SUM-G1231-K - Summit® Premium Battery Relocation Kits - summitracing.com

Anyone have experience with it? If so, does it include a means to secure the box?

I wouldn't do this at all but I'm getting tired of my little Miata battery going flat in the winter... cold+less driving = tired battery

Any thoughts appreciated.
2008-12-21 21:40:30
Here's the kit I used:
Summit SUM-G1200A - Summit® Battery Relocation Kits - summitracing.com

The only thing my kit came with to tie it down was that wide nylon strap (well, it came with the "I" bracket and two long bolts, but I didn't use it). In my B13, I mounted mine just in front of the spare tire, which is about as low as it can go in the car and directly over where the rear axle would be, so it is right over the rear tires for center of gravity/balance reasons. I created a cradle out of aluminum tubing that went all around the base and bolted to the floor of the trunk. I had to drill two new holes through my trunk, otherwise I utilized pre-existing holes. The aluminum cradle keeps the base secure and the nylon strap goes through the aluminum cradle to keep it from popping out. It was really easy to make and is very secure. The dimensions of the box you are getting is just barely smaller than mine, and the box is huge. I had to put two pieces of 2x4 inside the box to keep the battery from moving around in the box (I have a normal sized battery). Here are my pics, and good luck with the install!

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