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Thread: If things couldn't get worse ....Pic heavy !!!

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2008-12-16 01:15:32
If things couldn't get worse ....Pic heavy !!!
I'm driving to work approx. 9:10 a.m. and It's raining crazy as hell and I can barely see ahead of me . I notice a Mazda 3 swerve ahead of me a split second later I see a huge chunk of freeway rock or something . This thing was probably 1 foot high and wide . I had no time to react and It was either go straight or smack into a car to the left or right . I hit the rock at about 60mph lost control for a second and I quickly swerved off the emergency lane and the rock broke loose . I checked the car quickly and didn't notice anything wrong . I'm about 1 block from work and all off a sudden my first gear revved up really high and I wasn't going anywhere , so I tried and managed to make the block and get to work and noticed a puddle of tranny fluid . I look underneath and saw a big chunk of my pan and bell housing ripped off . I had my car towed to my father in-law's race car shop to take a look . Pics aren't for the faint of heart:* I don't have the $$$ to go out and buy a tranny ,so he patched It up for me , welded the pan and the bell housing and put a new gasket , filter and fluid . I'm not sure how the car will hold up but I hope It gives me enough time to buy a tranny etc ...(

Pics of cars he is restoring ...

2008-12-16 01:17:41
damn what a sweet ass shop. sorry to see that with the tranny man. good luck getting it all back together!
2008-12-16 01:28:31
Sorry to here about your tranny. Glad your ok. Wow! He's restoring a Lambo!
2008-12-16 01:39:14
Thanks guys , the Lambo is finished but didn't need much and I didn't want to leave It out the pics:o
2008-12-16 02:01:21
Borrow the Lambo till you can get enough funds for a new tranny.

BTW, a rock did that much damage! DAMN
2008-12-16 02:16:01
At least you were lucky enough to know someone with the skillset he has lol. Your fortunate.
2008-12-16 11:40:45
You might try calling your insurance agent to talk about a comprehensive insurance claim (assuming that you have comprehensive insurance -- most do, often with a deductible). If a rock breaks your windshield, they will pay to replace it. Breaking a tranny might be a rare enough event that they would just pay for it with no problem. Making a claim should not affect your rates because this is a different type of insurance than collision or liability.
2008-12-16 11:50:38
Cool shop!

and buy some RAIN-X!! it's like $4 you will never need your wipers again so long as you have that stuff no matter how hard it rains
2008-12-16 13:06:37
tis a good time to go manual...
2008-12-16 13:32:38
man that sux arse! how big was that damn rock?

Man i would be soooo pissed! anyway good luck on getting a new tranny, an a/t shouldn't be too hard to find
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