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Thread: Injector harness on sentra SE b15

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2008-12-07 21:18:43
Injector harness on sentra SE b15
Hey guys, I need to know which harness connectors are for the injectors on my 01' se. there's a green plug, has 8 pins, then off that, there's 3 very obviously injector connectors, then two more, neither of which look like the injectors connectors in their shape. can someone please tell me which plug or show me a picture of which injector plug is the #2 cyl?
I believe I have 1, 3, and 4 figured out. The harness isn't in the car, and I'm splicing in the highport injector harnesses, and need to know which one to splice to
2008-12-07 21:43:17
That harness has 4 injector plugs, an evap valve plug (blue), and then the 8 pin green plug to the chassis harness. Make sure to keep 3 and 4 straight because they come off together at 4 and 3 has longer wires that lead back.
2008-12-07 21:48:09
I'm lucky to have #4 labelled, but does #2 harness look different than the other 3? If it's the one i'm looking at, it's still grey, still LOOKS like it fits, but i'm not 100% because of the size. To give it a color scheme:

#1) Red w/ black stripe, black w/ red stripe
#2) (If it's the larger plug than the other 3) Yellow w/ black stripe, black w/ red stripe
#3) Green w/ black stripe, black w/ red stripe
#4) Blue w/ black stripe, black w/ red stripe

Is #2 the correct color scheme, just larger harness size?

Also, are the black w/ red stripe is ground, yes?
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