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Thread: Quick and dumb question

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2008-12-03 04:28:22
Quick and dumb question
I went to put my Maxima maf on my coupler (3") and it really seems like it doesn't want to fit. Just wondering if it's just a really tight fit, or I need to get a 3.25" coupler? I know they have the rubber surrounding around them also and I took that off and tried to. Maybe I just need to try harder. But just making sure I'm not retarded haha.
2008-12-03 15:21:49
blow dryer FTW
2008-12-03 16:35:48
Ha, I noticed that too, I haven't tried putting my Maxima Maf on, but will try soon probably
2008-12-03 23:51:16
anyone? need to know if i need to order a new coupler or not to get my car running this weekend.
2008-12-04 00:14:17
i just set my coupler in front of the heater for a hour and then slipped it over the maf. (it was a 3" coupler)
2008-12-04 00:16:22
Japanese people dont use inches. So the maf is a bit bigger then a 3" coupler. BUt a 3" coupler will fit you just need some elbow greas. I have a 3" one on my Z32
2008-12-04 03:01:37
Originally Posted by Johnny
Japanese people dont use inches.

What about Japanese people that live in the US? Do they bring their metric system over here? those bastards
2008-12-04 03:06:59
If they live in the US then to me they are Americans.
2008-12-04 03:33:08
hahaha ok thanks guys
2008-12-04 06:30:27
There is this chinese chick in my calculus lecture who has chinese white out.
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