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Thread: high port \ low port ???

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2008-11-28 00:57:29
well dont get a RR block then
2008-11-28 01:02:45
lol problem solved if you do, however, have a rr block around, I'd love to buy a few parts from you. vultures

pm me if you do.
2010-07-29 06:40:17
can lowport intake manifold fit in highport DE head?
2010-07-29 07:14:49
^no sir
2010-07-29 07:48:14
Originally Posted by javcrodgz
^no sir

thanks dude.
2010-07-29 09:50:37
For a daily, this rr bottom hend and highport head with of course high port cams would make more hp in stock form than a highport itself in theory. It should also rev quicker. I have not done this myself but if your goal is to get the car running it should be just as much fun as before, if not more. As long as you don't sit at redline for a long time very often, less rotational mass= more power ie: underdrive pulleys and and lightweight flywheel.
2010-08-01 18:32:27
just use the whole engine. im running a super clean 54k mile rr engine off a 01 sentra. the only reason i did this was cuz it was cheap for 300. just get a b14 intake manifold and waterneck asseembly. and your good.. so far this engine is strong only at 8psi of boost. still need to put on the s3r cams and 550cc injectors. and a water/meth injection system... good luck
2014-12-14 14:38:58
Originally Posted by canx2k
yes. the only difference is in the head itself. as long as you use all the b13 head stuff (including the intake manifold), it can be done.

lol i'm doing the exact opposite right now in putting a highport non RR sr20de into a b15

sorry to bump an old thread but your inbox is full. i am also swapping a highport into a RR chassis. do you (or anyone) have any pointers to help me along? for example, do i need to swap the head or just the manifold to use the RR harness?
2014-12-14 20:53:27
Wasn't worth the effort man. Just order a full engine from tigerautomotive or nab a 've.
2014-12-14 22:30:45
Originally Posted by canx2k
Wasn't worth the effort man. Just order a full engine from tigerautomotive or nab a 've.

damn, i already have the engine.. what issues did you run into?
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