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Thread: 2.5" v.s 2"

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2007-12-25 19:25:17
Some people say that 2.5" will take some low end torque away, but quite honestly I've I actually seen only good things. I mean I can easily go 35 MPH in 5th and have enough power to speed up

The link that was posted to ebay should be sufficient enough. SSAC header is not allowed to sell on ebay because they were labeled as selling copies of other people's products (or something of that sort), so those that are currently on ebay should be pretty similar to SSAC
2007-12-25 20:43:53

these are 2.5" too.
2007-12-25 20:47:37
I gained roughly 7whp going from a hotshot gen 3 to an ssac 2.5 header & collector a while back... the header was the only mod I changed... take this how you want though. Sorry the scales are all jacked up and its not on the same sheet... i had my gripes when they were printing it out...


HS 2" dyno

2 weeks later 2.5" dyno
2007-12-25 20:48:27
has anybody bought the ceramic coated one off ebay
i just dont want to get it and it end up being 2"
2007-12-25 23:18:36
Originally Posted by matt_pound
has anybody bought the ceramic coated one off ebay
i just dont want to get it and it end up being 2"

On their page they are saying "2.5" outlet"

If the product is the same as in the pictures then you should be good. My SSAC header looks to have the same sized down pipe

Just in case email the seller

The best comparison to OEM one that I have is here:

2007-12-26 00:08:44
like covert said, WATCH how its listed, you could definitly buy something that is worded lik you want, but in reality its completely different
2007-12-26 08:35:28
i found my ssac 2.5" on ebay and there was nothing wrong with it at all
2007-12-26 17:07:18
it had the 2.5 collectors? and not just a 2'' opening? im not saying there is anything wrong with them, just some people word things tricky to amke it seem like its what you are looking for
2007-12-26 18:49:19
well i just bought this one so i will let you guys know if it's right
2007-12-26 19:28:45
i have a 2" collector but a 2.25 exhaust is it worth me getting a 2.5 collector? i aint getting a new exhaust:/
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