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Thread: P10 hard start (hot & cold)

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2008-12-10 16:35:13
Originally Posted by Fosters
Edit after reading the entire thread linked above: my idle is pretty good. The car starts and idles +-1100 and it will slowly raise to +-1500 after a couple seconds. Then it drops back to +-1100 (normal cold idle) after 60 seconds which seems to correspond to how the Air Regulator should act. The car just needs (me giving it) full throttle to start. It will start without any help if just turned off, but if it sits for 10+ minutes then I have to give it throttle to start. No CEL right now (I cleared them, but the EGR is still disabled).

Thats kewl..

Full Throttle to start?? Thats new information..
Now this sounds like a FUEL problem and not an AIR problem.
Have you done a leak down test? Checked fuel pressure? Changed the fuel filter lately?
Tested your injectors? Are you getting black smoke when starting with WOT?

For air problems, I usually test: IACV, MAF sensor, and Air Regulator.
For fuel: Fuel filter, Cannister, FPR, injectors, fuel pump.
For Idle: IACV, Timing, Air Regulator, TPS and MAF. On second pass: EGR, EGR Pipe, BPT, Throttle body & cable, PCV and vacuum lines.
2009-04-08 08:14:29
Originally Posted by DC
Welcome Zikkie!!

First off, you need to use the Search tool to lookup stuff before asking.
But, here is a good link to get you started. I has possible solutions to your P10.
Pay special attention to the Air Regulator testing as this is probably your problem.
Also search for IACV cleaning.

Go to AutoZone and check your car for codes. Post your results.

OK, so new to this board but know general etiquette, so here goes...

Auto zone only does OBD-II.. or at least my local one does. My '91 G20 came with a nice, fat service book. I got error code 32 after reading how to read my own codes.

So most likely what is it? EGR valve? EGR valve solenoid? OR???

Thanks for any honest up front answers.

It's tough when only a handful of states have "California" emissions.

I will search your recommended list as well but a simple list of stuff to try once we know our code you know.... Thanks, the impatient guy.
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