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Thread: Weird problem here!

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2008-11-08 03:12:48
Weird problem here!
Okay so here's the scoop. I have a avenir DE-T and a sr20de motor, and both does not start. The DE was working in the G20 then I parked it for a few days. After a few days I tried starting it up again, and now it won't even crank over. So, I thought, it has to be the starter. Well then I put in a new battery for some reason, and it started up right away! Weird eh? Drove it around all day then parked it for the night, next morning, dead? Whats going on here?

Now the Avenir, after driving it for a few weeks, close to a month, i realize that my clutch was slipping so i decided to park it and now drive it anymore until i purchase another heavy duty clutch for it. After a few days I tried starting it up just to warm it up and what not and it doesn't crank over. WTF?

So i decided to charge the battery and cranked it again, nope no crank. What could be wrong?
2008-11-08 05:00:59
I don't know if it is this, but a little bit ago I couldn't get my car to crank for anything, despite new battery and new starter. Turned out that some of the grounds were corroded and that after attacking the negative battery cable (where it connects to the car) and all of the engine grounds I could find, it started right up. That could be a possibility with the Avenir, but it doesn't sound like the problem with the G20. Good luck!
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