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Thread: ebay exhaust mani's any good?

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2008-11-14 03:01:22
You want some MORE!!!

My theory on se-r exhaust manifold/downpipe combos:
1) They are all made by the same company in China.
2) They are resold by various "companies" using
2a) The same info
2b) Their own pictures.
2c) Different prices, if plotted on a line graph would look much like today's
stock market points. ( up and down)
2d) Exactly the same hardware.
(e.g. 3 = gold bolt,washer, and flange type nut. And some gaskets)
3) If you look at the oxygen sensor plugs. the top one is always a brighter
silver material than the bottom one.
vvv I like this "vendor" because he actually shows the header/downpipe on the car. And some measurements. trader-nas

vvv cheapest one yet $115 shipped.

another one to show the oxygen sensor plug color and the hardware.
2008-11-14 21:44:24
Originally Posted by Tommy
^^^^ Yes this is true except they ripped off the design from Hotshot which is now out of business. Unless your header says SSAC or XSPower it was made in China. Doesn't really matter. It's the same design. It just sucks that an awesome supporter of the SR20DE was destroyed because someone copied their design. The primaries and the secondaries are bigger than the original SSAC design which seems to be beneficial.

yet everyone still buys them

woohooo!! thats why the SEMA show was 35% smaller this year and the automotive industry has been reduced to sh it.
2008-11-15 00:36:12
True. I'm guilty. I have one.
2008-11-24 21:59:33
It's wild how Chinese manufacturers have negatively affected many many different parts of our lives. They copy and undercut everyone, just for market dominance.

Look under every $1 thing at Target.."Made in China." Its all just future landfill crap.
2008-11-24 22:08:12
Just buy the 2.5" version and put it on the car. If you don't want the top primary, just sale it on the board. Easy as eating pie. Again as everybody else has stated, just confirm it is the 2.5" flexpipe/secondary version.
2008-11-27 20:35:07
I can't find the 2.5" downpipe combo, except on ssautochrome.com.
All ebay vendors list are the 2.25". And I got sent the 2" "Megan Racing" on mistake. Which by the way looks exactly like the other off brand exhausts.
2008-11-27 22:47:28
yeah i haven't seen any of the 2.5" kind on ebay in a while. this sucks.
2008-12-04 19:27:55
This article is a good one on the factual quality of Chinese steel and is one more piece of evidence that most Chinese manufacturers aren't out to make a quick buck, they want to undercut everybody for market dominance until the competitors are dead.

New Threat from China: Shoddy Steel Imports - Kiplinger.com
(Its a year-old, but relevant to what is happening in a lot of manufacturing businesses)
2008-12-05 00:28:51
Ya, That's a good read, but it mostly pertains to structural steel. The metal for our exhaust doesn't have to be the greatest. As long as it doesn't crack. The whole function of our exhaust is to "carry" the gases to another area, and that is a simply job.
2008-12-05 04:21:19
That was a good thread to read on my labtop while i was taking a ****,, thanks bro
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