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Thread: What oils are you running?

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2008-10-29 04:35:20
mobile 1 5-30
2008-10-29 04:45:01
Engine-Mobil 1 0w40, tranny Redline MT-90. DE & VE. Pure One filters on both. Funny thing is I had OEM oil filters on both and the DE had startup clatter. The Pure One oil filter eliminated all traces of clatter. Had the Mobile 1 before & after switch.
2008-10-29 18:52:21
im a mobile person 100%
2008-10-29 22:18:39
what about Motul???

I use Motul 10w40
Im not sure about the tranny. Haven't done that yet.
2008-10-29 22:36:34
I run mobil1 5w-30 in the motor
Mobil1 75w-90 in the trans, never ever had any problems my trans since running this over running the mt90. I had mt90 in the first two trannies i had then switched back to mobil1 because thats what i had run before with great success
2008-11-01 17:09:53
Mobile 1 Syn 5W-30 year-round
Valvoline Syn 75w-90

I do however run Motul in my G Coupe's trans and it def made things smoother. The Z/G '03-'04 trans can be a little rough around the edges shifting into 3rd esp.

I'll probably use Motul or Redline in the B13 trans when I next change it, but no reason to go away from M1 for the motor.

The PureOne is a pretty good filter, I looked into a lot of filters because I have B13, U13, V35 and wanted to order up some bulk, seems like I'm always changing oil. Construction and filtration very good in the PureOne filter. Surprisingly so was the NAPA Gold Filter (forget the actual manufacturer, they sell their own under their name for more $$$). I'm death on FRAM oil filters, for many reasons based on my own experience and how they test out in labs.
2008-11-04 05:41:13
mobil 0w40 or lubromoly 10w40 whichever i can get access to.
mt90 in the tranny
redline shockproof in the transfer case and rear diff on my gti-r
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