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Thread: o2 Induction manifold...

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2008-10-22 23:06:27
o2 Induction manifold...
Okay guys, I know they no longer produce the o2 induction intake manifold, so I asked a few questions at the shop I frequent.

The shop owner is personal friends with AFI, and approached them to see if they'd be interested in fabricating an o2 induction manifold for the SR. AFI was more than willing to do this, but they'd need one to work from, or need a car.

I offered my car, but not until I deploy next year (if I'm still in that job, and not in my current job).

With all that being said, what is the interest in getting AFI to run some o2 induction manifolds? The biggest part is obviously getting the IM flange, which shouldn't be too difficult.

AFI stated that they would more than likely mass produce the manifold once built, because they saw first hand what FWD SR20 powered cars are capable of when they went on a recent trip to Florida.

So who's got an o2 induction IM that they're not currently using? I can coordinate with Mike at Imerj Auto to have him send it to AFI for fabrication.
2008-10-22 23:25:15
I have one but it will be getting fabbed soon for a second fuel rail and it is for a VE.

2008-10-22 23:54:45
Damn no more O2 induction manifolds?

What happened?
2008-10-23 00:16:20
Not sure. They stopped making them a little while back.
2008-10-23 03:06:12
A couple of the local ATL guys are using their own "custom" 02 induction manifolds. The seem to make more HP but lost quite a bit of torque. They got someone to do it for them locally for cheap.
2008-10-23 03:24:16
thats a shame wonder if someone will show him this and maybe do some more i want one also
2008-10-23 03:41:35
I emailed him to see if he is really done with them....I bought one from him late this summer , and when I first talked to him he said it would be a little while ntill he was going to build one , and I asked if I sent him the runners and paid him in advance if he would work on it as he had time , and that was in July , he actully made it pretty fast and sent it out , I wonder if it was the last one he has made , it is awsome it is goint to go great with the DET+VE project , I think if he does not mind ( JON ) that mayby one of the well known fabricaters ( Protech , or Lovefab , Fullrace ) sold be the first that are asked to build a manifold using a O2induction one as a template , that way we still get a product that is of the high quality that we have come to expect with Jons products ....just my 2cents I dont think somthing like this shopuld be mass produced , really
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