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Thread: What Is The Largest Piston That Anyone Put Into a SR20 Block Without Sleeving

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2008-10-18 18:06:26
What Is The Largest Piston That Anyone Put Into a SR20 Block Without Sleeving
The largest piston that I have personally put into a SR20 block without boring is 87mm. I have seen a few pistons at 87.5 mm sold by Tomei and other companies, so I am guessing that this size will fit also without sleeving.

The question is has anyone put a 88mm piston in a SR20 motor without sleeving it or maybe even a 88.5 piston?
2008-10-18 21:23:50
i would honestly think its possible. i have asked this question before 88mm piston in a stock sleeve would be great. it would be cheap since you wouldnt have to sleeve the block, ud just have to bore and hone and install. it would increase your cc's pretty good also.

2008-10-18 21:27:59
It works out to be 2.092, which is a 2.1. Would be a neat cheap motor with 12.5 to 1 compression.
2008-10-22 09:04:36
it would work with the stock crank ?
2008-10-22 11:23:10
How would somthing like this effect a boost build? Cylinder walls maybe to thin?
2008-10-22 11:45:54
The question needs to be answered if anyone has built a Turbo or NA motor with the 88mm piston. Like I said as far as I know the largest bore turbo piston I have seen is 87mm via Tomei and a few other companies.

The thing is what is the better build and how much are you willing to spend.

Example 1.
87 mm Piston $550
91 mm crank $1800
Rods $400
20V headgasket $100

Total $2850

Example 2
90mm pistons $550
Rods $400
Bored and sleved block $1100
Mazworx headgasket $250

Total $2300

I would choose the larger crank motor for the VET build, The 2.0 VE-T has not problem making 500 WHP between 20-24 PSI. The added torque from that larger crank should be great also from what I have seen with GT35R turbos the power is still going up after 8000 RPMs with stock cams so having the power band moved down maybe not so bad.

Just opions.
2008-10-22 13:28:54
well we took a block to our local machine shop (really good btw) they are the ones that sleeved our block and bored to 90mm. The guy told me the stock sleeve could possibly go to 88mm without any major problems, he said under higher hp apps that the thin wall could be a factor but without boost and for an n/a build you could easily do it and it should hold up fine. I might just take a spare block i have and have it done just to find out. He was only gonna charge me 140.00 to bore and hone the walls to 88mm if i wanted to do so.

it would be interesting to find out.
2009-03-09 07:52:57
Just noticed this thread & the answer is yes. There are a few VE race engines in New Zealand running 88mm pistons & no sleeving, all built by Cook Motor Racing as far as I know. I had a discussion with Reg Cook about using the Tomei crank with a block bored & sleeved to 90mm & he was of the opinion that I should just run the 88mm pistons instead. I was of the impression that these engines were 2,080cc... he made 317hp at the crank from one of those & Bazza1600 witnessed it doing so on the dyno. Single cam profile & modified rockers though, not street stuff.
2009-03-09 13:07:38
So 86mm must be good for how much power? I've heard of guys making 700+whp on stock sleeves. So 88mm should be fine? This is really pushing it. I am scared to run 86.5mm on a high hp boosted app.
2009-03-09 22:44:10
ive heard alot about the 88mm new zealand guys.

if i ever build a n/a motor i will go 88mm. i believe its safe. if there racing it with success i feel its streetable.

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