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Thread: Transmission bad??

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2008-10-17 22:19:45
Transmission bad??
Well, I think the trans on my 93 B13 finally died. Over last weekend my car developed a vibration. It felt like an axle going bad but it wasn't horrible so I figured I'd just replace the axle monday. Come sunday the vibration is so bad that the car is now undriveable. The vibration occurs anytime the car is in gear and is very violent. I replaced the passenger side axle with a used one I had laying around, and then took the drivers side axle to a rebuilder and they said the outer joint was shot. I was hoping that was the problem, but I just got done installing the drivers side axle and took it for a test drive, and no change .

Has anyone out there ever had similar symptoms from a bad transmission?
This vibration seems to be RPM specific not speed specific, and happens while the car is in gear whether I am speeding up, or engine braking. It does not happen in neutral, and I hear no noises (at least no noises that could overpower my 3" exhaust). Changing gears seems to make the vibration even worse as I'm slipping the clutch back on too, but I don't think it is a chatter because that should go away once everything's engaged.

Here is a little cliff notes info for people who don't like to read:
Bad vibration in gear accel and decel
seems RPM specific not as much speed specific
Both axles replaced (one used one rebuilt by a reputable driveshaft shop)
All motor mounts are less than a year old solid prothane solid mounts
2008-10-18 01:20:02
When my original B13 trans died I had similar issues. I really don't know what the cause was in my case but I attributed it to a beat up differential. I still have my trans sitting in my yard somewhere but I never got around to taking it a part. Mine had more serious vibration issues when the front wheels were turning at a different rate of speed, like while going around a turn. Does yours do this? It also might be your clutch, which still sucks but it's better than your trans dying.
2008-10-18 14:58:14
Mine is shaking going straight ahead. Turning does not seem to effect it one way or the other, it still shakes no matter what. I guess it could be something in the differential, I know for a fact the LSD is old and doesn't work anymore anyways (due to my pegleg burnouts), but I didn't think that they would act like that when they go bad, I just assumed the clutch packs wouldn't engage at all. If it was internal trans issue it feels like somethings locking up and skipping.
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