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Thread: Need Help!

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2008-10-12 23:15:42
Need Help!
How do you loosen the power steering pump to get the belt off? I've loosened the top bolt and backed off the adjusting bolt for the belt, but i can't seem to firgure out which bolt/nut to loosen under the car. Besides that i cant get to them with my wrenches to break them loose if i have the right area? what am i doing wrong? Anyways i'm trying to change the waterpump but i can't seem to get past the easy part or so i thought! There are no howto's i can find on the water pump change on the forum, is there one? Thanks

1992 Sentra SE-R Stock SR20DE
2008-10-13 00:17:00
There is a 14mm bolt that sits on the bottom of the pump that bolts the pump to the bracket to the block. This is the pivit bolt for the pump. You just nee to loosen it so that it can move back and forth, You will have to get to this from under the car.
2008-10-13 00:20:38
Also helps after you loosen the nut to bang the pump with a hammer to move it
2008-10-13 01:57:49
Your saying the power steering bracket that has the welded nut, if so thats what i thinking? Except i cant seem to get the wrench on it, but i'll try again tomorrow now that you confirmed it. Thanks for the help!
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