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Thread: Expansion on clutch issues - Overcentering

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2008-10-12 08:38:32
Expansion on clutch issues - Overcentering
I'm having this huge issue with my DET car. The PO claims the motor had a 6 puck clutch installed, and I believed him because if you're not careful it will chatter a little bit.

I've been having this huge issue with semi-decent engagement when cold, and almost none existant clutch when hot. I'm beginning to think the clutch has been adjusted too tight, and once it warms up, it is overcentered when the clutch is pushed in.

What is the proper way to adjust the clutch? Also, has anyone considered adding an external spring for those with weak clutch return springs? Can the clutch be damaged by overcentering?

This issue has been getting progressively worse. Driving the car home tonight meant starting the engine in 1st at lights and rev matching every up and down shift.
2008-10-12 14:59:50
Well, assuming it's your 93 SE-R in your sig, the way i adjusted my clutch after installing a new one was, i adjusted the cable until it had alot of slack , then i turned the litle thumbwheel until i felt it " grab " , then i started the car and pushed in the clutch pedal, while going through the gears.

If i felt any of the gears grind i would shut if off then go back and tighten a little bit more, then go through the gears again until the was no more grinding.

I ddnt want to adjut the cable too tight as the PP might stay slightly open even when the pedal was all the way to the floor.

Maybe Miko can chime in.
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