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2008-10-11 10:04:16
ok befor i get flammed im a newb.

what is the differince between de and ve?

how hard would it be to put a de in to a nx1600?

what kind of power/boost caan u run on a stock de?

to turbo an nx how much custom work has to be don?

any and all help would be greatly appreacated thanks for your time.

also any write ups or all around helpfull info on the sr20 and/or cars in general would also help.
2008-10-11 16:10:12
Search button, also search SR20forum.com for more write-ups. Everything you are asking has been covered before.

I'm not flaming, I'm learning you n00bzorz! Search button does wonders for answers. Everyone has to lean sometime.
2008-10-11 16:43:12
Keep up now:

A VE switches over to a diffrent cam lobe at a set RPM. On all but one of the VEs the cams are switched at diffrent RPMs to gain greater effect. In a nutshell, it's Nissan's VTEC.

Swapping a 2.0 into a 1.6 is a common thing. You will need an engine (obviously), the harness, tranny, tranny brackets, axles, ECU, bascily everything thats on a 2.0 that you don't have. For the experianced you can do it in a day easy; if its your first time you might want to read a lot of stuff and set aside a weekend. Despite all that, it is not hard really.

Power or boost? Two diffrent things. A stock DE? Which one? There are a few diffrent types. An N/A DE can get into the 200s WHP if you try really really hard. Boost wise, it depends on what DE you drop in, but you can yeild number that are nice I am sure. You need to set a goal for yourself rather then go for "what's the biggest number".

Turbo NXs are common. Define custom work? Hell, if you go turbo don't get a DE, just find yourself a DET and call it a day. There area few diffrent turbo SRs for you to choose from.

Ninja is correct, search. Most all these awnsers are on this forum. There are write ups in the "How To" section and if you go over to the SR20forum you will find tons of info there as well.

Good luck with the swap and build. Oh, and remember these few things: Do it right the first time, it will not come cheap and easy, and you get what you pay for... jesus ****, I sound like a dad...
2008-10-11 16:47:57
Go straight with a DET or VE.

Here is how cheap DET's can be

I'm doing a DET swap into my 2.0, you can see the pics here.
2008-10-11 17:28:29
gotta say i love my ve as a daily driver.
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