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Thread: Oil sump?

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2008-10-07 03:03:35
Oil sump?
Is anybody running a sump setup on here? I am curious what all needs to be done/ how much it costs? Otherwise, is it possible to chnge the oil pick-up locatin to the ther side of the motor? This would be on a DET if it matters.
2008-10-08 23:47:59
I remember seeing this on the old forum, and dug it up. Here's the link:


In a nutshell, the oil sump system runs close to $500.

When you say you want to "move the pickup to the other side of the motor", I assume you mean from the passenger to driver side. Short answer is no. The flywheel and transmission make it impossible, along with a variety of other things, including passages, the pump itself, and other goodies.
2008-10-09 07:33:19
Ok.I figured it was impossible but I was hoping maybe a variation of the sr20 came with it on the other side.. Thanks for the info. 500 is a lot cheaper than 2000 for a pan.
2008-10-09 07:42:54
alright maybe not only the pan is like 568 bucks and you still need to but a pump for like 8-900.. doh.
2008-10-12 00:59:36
Haha, yeah, they get expensive quick
2008-10-12 18:39:58
Well, the reason I asked was I was looking at swapping a sr20det into a miata. There is a mount kit you can get for 1200. The only problem after that is the oil sump is on the opposite side and it gets in the way of the cross member or steering rack. They also sell a special pan you can use but its like 2000. The only other thing I can think of is modifying the rack or cross member but I don't have a miata to look at to see if its possible...
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