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Thread: Tweel finanly ready for pasenger car production?

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2019-06-08 08:32:29
Tweel finanly ready for pasenger car production?
It has a new name (Uptis), and will possibly be coming in 2024?

Puncture-Free, Environmentally-Friendly, and Safer Tires Created by GM and Michelin

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2019-06-08 08:36:01
I've always thought the lateral stiffness of these should be better than pneumatic tires. Why wouldn't it be? So turn-in and transitions should be sharper, yah?
2019-06-08 14:13:29
If different cars need different tire pressures, to go with different ride qualities spec'd by OEM, to match the suspension damper rates. How does this work?

Are they gonna make tires in various "pressures" via stiffening or loosening the tweel parts in between?

Seems like a specific tweel would need to be made for all the various PSI that OEM uses as reference to get the suspension right, yes?

"According to GM, the incredibly large number of yearly scrapped tires currently amasses up to a whopping 200 million. "
-Well, yea, drifting on its own, worldwide, accounts for probably 30-40% of those tires, I imagine, haha

"So far there has only been talk of fleets and shared or rented vehicles using the airless tires. So we may have to wait a while before consumer-level costs become clear and much more affordable."
-Ahh so they will be making specific tweels for specific cars, thus creating more units but at a lesser overall production cost.
2019-06-08 17:32:04
IMO just set them up similar to 35psi and call it a day.
Then maybe start offering stiffer ones for economy if the market is there?

I just want them available.
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