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Thread: New Sentra Turbo model announced.

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2016-09-10 21:17:25
Originally Posted by Kyle
Originally Posted by bj200sx
Wow. Same sentra, just with a juke motor. Good job Nissan, you really put in the time and effort to make a ground breaking car that everyone will buy......Not!

lol, true, they did an OEM engine swap.

Auto manufacturers have used this scheme since the original Pontiac GTO.
2016-09-10 22:16:23
Originally Posted by Kyle

Lastly, missing the most important thing, the weight. How much does this Sentra box weigh?

Figure 2800-2900 pounds as in the 2016 model.
2016-09-10 22:22:46
The coolest thing is the mirror finish spray-on bore coating (similar to the GT-R). Nissan Article here. Here is a great read but lengthy and in PDF form.

The rest of that four cylinder engine was debuted six years ago and it has almost everything current that a manufacturer would need.

The really neat thing about the dynamics of this choice is that the entire Sentra fleet is to receive this engine. This business scheme was not attempted by Nissan at any point since the SE-R models have only been available for purchase through the "upgrade" of a different model. Examples being the B13 chassis with the GA16DE engine and the SR20DE engine and a variety of trims. The B14 chassis carried the same scheme as before and then the B15 continued on with this scheme in the QG18DE and QR25DE engines. I think that is kinda neat. This scheme should at very least provide more parts to be available for cheaper to the consumer in the end.
2016-09-11 01:01:56
"In regards to the interior, the SR Turbo adds a moonroof as well as thicker front and rear glass to cut down on road noise."

"A Nisan representative confirmed the 2017 Sentra SR Turbo will go on sale October 2016 and will have a base price of $23,000."
2016-09-11 05:10:39
Originally Posted by Kyle
The really neat thing about the dynamics of this choice is that the entire Sentra fleet is to receive this engine.

I don't believe so?

Also, most forget or don't know that this engine has been in the Sentra for a while now in Australia in the form of the Pulsar SSS.
2016-09-11 05:25:28
I rented a 16' SR last weekend and must say, I really enjoyed it.
2016-09-12 12:10:54
"While it’s not being called SE-R, it does remind us of the original, B13-generation Sentra SE-R from the early 1990s, which was essentially a workaday Sentra coupe with a 140-hp engine and a sprinkling of performance upgrades..."

2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo Photos and Info ? News ? Car and Driver
2016-09-12 12:15:05
"The Sentra SE-R of the ‘90s will be remembered fondly as an example of a time when Japanese brands actually cared about selling cars to enthusiasts. The 2017 SR Turbo will be remembered by a few people who added an extra $20/mo to their payment to get a turbo in their Sentra."

The 2017 Sentra SR Turbo Is Not The Cheap, Fun Nissan You Asked For
2016-09-12 12:38:27
Originally Posted by 1fastser
"includes a standard power sliding glass moonroof..." BOO! Sounds like you can't get it without a sunroof...

I guess at least you can still get a 6 spd manual transmission with it.. so there is that.. lol
2016-09-12 13:22:53
Sunroof = deal breaker.
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