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Thread: Which Ford ST?

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2014-08-18 16:19:25
With a name like Tyrone Johnson behind it, it's got to be good!
2014-08-19 03:45:15

2014-08-19 03:55:15
Good choice. I really like the performance blue with rado wheels. It doesn't look like you got recaros (wife's decision?) but no sunroof

I have been looking at them myself (as others have it appears). I keep looking for local dealers that have them but stop myself from going to test drive because I think that will just be bad for the wallet.

I posted this before, but I really believe this is the modern reiteration of the SE-R.

anyways...have fun with it and keep us posted (I'll keep an eye out on Fiestast.org and fiestastforum)
2014-08-19 03:58:39
Its fully loaded; Recaros, Nav, Moonroof, Rados... I think that's it.
2014-08-19 06:37:13

I'll be soon getting either the FiST or FoST. Waiting to see the next gen FoST tho. Also heard, Ford is doing away with the EcoBoost 2.0 engine for the next FoST.
2014-08-19 12:39:42
Originally Posted by Benito

Excellent choice! Hopefully your first mod will be removing that god-awful dealer plate/frame...

2014-08-21 00:41:31
I was thinking more like this type of FiST

2014-08-21 00:56:37
Got my first good ride today out to Oakland and back to Livermore and up and down the backroads. This car really is the spiritual predecessor to the B13 SE-R (Its been said before I know). The car has mad handle, good power that comes on right at 2k, great steering feel, easy clutch, nice shifter... its hard to see how the seats and car in general could work for larger folks. I'm 6'0" 185lb and I just barely fit these seats, in fact they need to break in a bit.

Then it got a wash but all the picks are pre-wash. I did not let the dealer wash/detail it so the car is covered in dust.

I'm trying to improve my photography so any criticism of the photos is much appreciated.
2014-08-21 16:55:24
SweeT!! Nice choice. I'll be back in your neck of the woods next month, we can set up some photo time if you want!
2014-08-21 21:12:08
Originally Posted by Benito
I'm trying to improve my photography so any criticism of the photos is much appreciated.

Check out the 'rule of thirds.'
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