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Thread: Need help with my QX4

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2014-03-15 23:32:04
Need help with my QX4
I replaced the alty and the belts about 3 weeks ago along with the battery. No big deal even though it was a pita to get the alty out. All was good until thursday morning I went to go to work at 630 and the truck will turn its accs. on when I turn the key and the radio will play and everything, but when I turn the key all the way over- NOTHING. No cranking, no clicking, zip.

So I thought, well could be the starter. I know its the original one that came on the truck. I know generally starters go gradually, not like THAT *snaps fingers* but its not impossible.

So I take it out, again, what a pita! It took me more time to coax it out then it did to go buy the new one and about as long putting it back in. I did have it tested and the guy at the laps told me it was weak and probably the problem.

I asked if it could be the ignition switch in the column and he toted that not even the accs. would work if that was bad! (who knows)

So after I got the new starter in, moment of truth- still the same thing. I turn the key and I dont even get a noise coming from anywhere. So Im like shit- must be that damn ignition switch.

I take it out- pop it open and its dirty and looks burned. Bingo. I go get another one replace it.... turn the key- NOTHING, still not a peep!

I am about to set it on fire.

Please give me your input!

BTW no codes no nothing. BAttery cables are good, battery is good- I checked all relays and fuses, good.

Very frustrated at this point.
2014-03-16 02:02:04
Maybe something with the trans not sensing its in park? Try starting it in neutral. Just a guess.
2014-03-16 02:19:41
Well mighty fine guess.... I went out just now, and started it right up in neutral... put it in park after it was started. Then started it in park... twice. I dont honestly know if it was me starting it in N that somehow kickstarted it, OR if somehow it just took time for the ecm to recognize new stuff. I did disconnect the battery a few times today.

So either way good guess. Ill let you take the credit for that one.
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