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Thread: Hyundai Elantra Touring: Before you laugh...

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2014-03-08 03:10:16
Originally Posted by BenFenner
That thing is sexy. But then again, so is the 2014 Mazda3 hatch.

Sexy like an expensive call girl, but all I need is a decent handy-j.
2014-03-10 12:29:56
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Gonna take a look-see at this one on Sunday, without sales people bothering me...

Certified Used 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring SE For Sale in Limerick PA | H40054A

So we looked at this thing yesterday, nice that they left it unlocked for us? Not too shabby. The interior fit/finish is tight but some of the plastics are hard and a bit cheap looking. Rear seats have tons of room. I dropped the rear seats and it opens up like a cavern. Engine bay is uncluttered....

The wife stood there and looked at it a bit, walked around it and looked some more. Her basic response was "...meh". She thought the chrome accents on the wheels was "cheesy" and she doesn't care for the upright rear quarters, but other than that she was receptive. And @BenFenner she did state that she could live with another manual transmission. I like this and the fact that the manuals come with a B&M short shifter on the upscale models....

The one we looked at yesterday was smoked in and still had ashes in the ashtray, it also smelled like a combination of dog and cleaning product. As a former auto detailer I was appalled by these things and the fact that it was left unlocked. All cardinal sins.

It would be nice to find an automatic and a manual on the same lot. We'll see...
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2014-03-10 12:41:08
I never see these on the road. I went out of town Saturday and saw two of them. Columbia is so vanilla.
2014-03-10 15:44:29
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I never see these on the road. I went out of town Saturday and saw two of them. Columbia is so vanilla.

I only see the occasional example. Exclusivity.
2014-03-12 19:53:54
2014-03-12 23:54:45
2014-03-13 00:03:00
New Mazda 3/6 are great cars... their Skyactiv engines are very good on gas mileage. Almost half what our stock SR engines do.
2014-03-13 00:17:06
2014-03-13 03:18:08
Kia Soul?
2014-03-13 10:43:10
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Kia Soul?

I'd consider a first gen Soul, but the wife thinks they're awful.
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