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Thread: honda help

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2014-02-17 02:45:55
honda help
I'm am having major issues with my accord. Its a 96 with an f22b2. There are always intermittent electrical issues. At first the fuel pump wasn't pumping so i put in a new tank and fuel pump unit with sock. Then the next day the alt went out. I replaced it with a new one and it ran. Then 2 days later the starter went. I swapped that out and it worked for a couple days. Now it'll start sometimes and then not. Sometimes the starter will fire but the fuel pump won't turn on. Other days the fuel pump will turn on but the starter won't. I replaced the main relay along with the ignition switch and still no luck. I need help with this guys.
2014-02-18 03:19:10
Bump! Anyone have imput?? I'm down to no vehicles right now so any help would be appreciated
2014-02-18 12:46:36
Man, it sounds like you got some serious issues. I would start with grounds, fuses and relays. Check voltages everywhere. It could be coming from one source, the ECU. Find a junkyard one and throw it in. If not, it may just be coincidence. My truck blew up all at once but once I replaced the tranny, alternator, and gave it a tune up, it was fine. I'd say start with that.

Find out if the fuel pump and starter are on the same circuit. If they are, you gotta run through that circuit to find the problem.
2014-02-18 14:41:14
Take a look at your grounds?

Edit: What the other guy said.
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