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Thread: Problem with an L30 Altima.....?

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2014-02-05 17:36:13
Problem with an L30 Altima.....?
K so I've been wrestling with my wife's car for a couple of weeks on what seems to be an electrical problem (needle in haystack). It's a 98 Altima with autotragic transmission.

What happens is occassionally, regardless of any gear it's in, moving or parked, it'll hesitate and even die but as soon as it dies, it's starts right back up as if nothing happened (like the car is in denial of it's own issues). On top of that, the fans will kick on and off regardless of temperature. I'd start the car after it sitting for hours and the fans come on immediately. Then after shutting the car off, the fans stay on.

I thought initially that it was a torque converter problem (the hesitating issue) because it happened while moving, but now it happens while in park, so I've ruled that out.

I've changed:
coolant temp sensor
coolant temp sender unit
coolant (complete flush and replacement)

tune-up was done entirely about 20k ago, except the fuel filter (but I would think this wouldn't be the issue).

I have two ideas remaining:


I've tested voltages at each fan, at all the temp sensors, and it's checked out.

There may be two issues here (the hesitating and the fan issue). As far as the fans go, what else controls the fans? With the hesitating issue, I know it's not the nuetral switch (does it in any gear). Maybe a short cutting in and out?

I'm stumped. Ideas?


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2014-02-07 13:08:46
Cricket cricket?
2014-02-07 14:19:57
A/C being on typically turns the fans on regardless.

Yah, I'm no help.
2014-02-07 16:38:20
A/C aint on lol. Not in CT right now haha. I have no idea what else controls the fans other than the ECU. Thinkin the brains of the car might be goin. Car is a lot like me in that regard
2014-02-08 10:28:14
intake manifold gasket is starting to leak, happened on my 01 Altima intermittent stalling condition and loss of antifreeze causing air pocket by ECT
2014-02-10 17:22:07
Originally Posted by nismo_star
intake manifold gasket is starting to leak, happened on my 01 Altima intermittent stalling condition and loss of antifreeze causing air pocket by ECT

you're the second person to mention that to me. guess i could spray around the gaskets and see if the idle jumps. thanks!
2014-02-13 14:35:56

It's apparently none of the things I just mentioned. So the car is working fine, oddly. All I did was switch the new temp sensor out for the old Nissan one because someone told me the chinese sensors can flat out confuse the computer. So lesson learned! Buy Nissan sensors! Either that or I accidently switch out a relay when I was playin around with that.

So next time your fans go crazy and the car stalls, check the temp sensors or the relays because they talk to the ECU. It's the ECU that's getting bad input so it gives bad output.
2014-02-15 22:53:50
wooo hooo
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