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Thread: Are Subarus the best cars money can buy?

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2014-02-01 03:49:00
Are Subarus the best cars money can buy?
Pretty good article about Subaru. I would have never thought Subaru was such an underdog since they are as commons as Honda's where I live (rural VA).

One thing Subaru has over everyone else is they do listen to what customers want. Turbo 4 cylinder cars with AWD, how hard is that Nissan?
Are Subarus the best cars money can buy? - Fortune Management
2014-02-01 04:20:31
Well I wrote a long reply and the forum farted on it because I chose to not write my reply in notepad so all I can say is....


I don't want AWD or turbo so keep this hoo-hah in this NON-SR20 section and we'll have no problems.
2014-02-01 05:03:57
As a proud turbo, awd, 5sp Subaru owner I can confidently say...


dollar for dollar the best all around vehicle money can buy is a 5sp, 4.0 Jeep Cherokee (peferably, OBD1) discuss.
2014-02-01 05:27:59
I doubt that, while Subaru has been doing turbo awd cars for a long time because thats what a large amount of consumers want and then with the partnership for a fun small rwd coupe, they listened to that as well an did it. So props for that. But they are by far not the best cars that money can buy.

Mitsubishi has been providing awd turbo cars for a long time as well. Both makes have their downfalls. Subaru, horrible engines riddled with problems from the start and even to now when you get into really trying to build one to make great power while 4g63 and now 4b11 you can throw a bigger turbo on it with supporting mods and make 600+ on a factory bottom end without much trouble whereas an ej25 would have to be sleeved to go much more than 400-450 reliably.

Suby however has the better drivetrain and the more sophisticated awd system. With an almost bulletproof 6 speed trans and stout driveline to go with it, you cant complain about that.

For me personally, I hate the looks of the suby, I hate the sound of the boxer turbo 4, and no putting an equal length manifold does not take that sound away completely. Sounds like an SR with broken ring lands on #3 and down on compression.

For me, Evo hands down. While they dont have the best transmission and more sophisticated awd, they still perform and dollar for dollar, you cant beat an evo and its capabilities. Seen already too many stock block evos put down 650-700awhp and that my friends is impressive. A local one to me has been 600+ on his stock block for several years daily driven without a hitch besides transmissions. lol
2014-02-01 07:36:53
Does Mitsubishi even still sell cars in North America? Subaru outsells Mitsubishi like 8;1 and growing.

Recent Subaru NA growth is exponential and went right through a giant recession and a tsunami/nuclear disaster.

Mitsubishis are garbage and the company sucks more broadly in so many ways.
2014-02-01 08:24:28
Depends on the model, but the g/f has a 2010 Subaru Impreza base model. It was like $12k w/ 28k miles bought a year ago and I hate it.

There are only 2 pros, 1 of them major (in bold)

1) Reliable (a year she/we have driven it around 30k miles and no problems)
2) AWESOME in the snow with AWD I mean, like unreal. Last week we received 12" from a snowstorm, and the her car was parked on the street and not the driveway like usual, so the plows kept throwing so snow on and around her car. When the storm was over, the snow was as high as the exterior door handles from the plows. Once I was able to get inside the car, I started it up, let it warm, and hit the gas. BAM, pulled right out, couldn't believe it.


1) Dangerously slow. So slow, I can't believe it's rated at 172HP. It's a 4-speed automatic. It also should win an award for the most pointless waste of money, it's "Sport" mode and manumatic option. Difficulty merging onto highways during high traffic volume.
2) Cramped as fuck interior. I'm only 5'8" and can barely move my legs in the front seat
3) Interior styling is dated
4) Gauges are a strange dark red color
5) Handles like shit and comes with terrible tires
6) Fluid changes are a pain in the ass
7) Trunk is small
8) MPG is pretty shitty for such a slow small car. I guess it's the weight. It's usually about 20-24MPG city, 26-28MPG highway
9) Ugly rims. Uglier than the NX1600 rims lol
10) Body panels dent by looking at them
11) Traction control sucks
12) ABS is awful. My former 1993 Sentra SE-R had a better system
13) Ever sit in a 1993 Sentra XE? The seats are worse than those. No side support at all, and the material is cheap.
14) Trunk is too small (although if you got the hatch, which I suggested she should do, it's much better)

That's all I can think of for now, but yeah, it really really sucks on the 358 days of the year when there's no snow on the road. Most boring car I have ever driven. Ugh
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2014-02-01 11:25:04
Well it is a base model... Compare that to a base model Nissan versa. I'm a Nissan guy but I have owned two awd imprezas. Both are two of the best cars I have every owned and if I didn't live in FL I would have dropped my sentra adiction. The fact that Subaru is competitive in the base car market with an awd car is a miracle. Nissan has not released a fun inexpensive tuner car in years let alone awd. That's my rant..... Subaru ftw but I'm still keeping my 20+ yr old ser.
2014-02-01 11:52:16
My sister has a new 2013 Versa SL. Besides in snow, it kicks the Imprezas butt in every category IMO
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2014-02-01 14:40:31
Tesla Model S.
2014-02-01 15:21:38
Originally Posted by ny5speed
As a proud turbo, awd, 5sp Subaru owner I can confidently say...


dollar for dollar the best all around vehicle money can buy is a 5sp, 4.0 Jeep Cherokee (peferably, OBD1) discuss.

lol, I might have to agree there. Just bought one yesterday..Straight-6 has a good rep and sounds mean with just a flowmaster, the auto and 5-speed transmissions are good and I read you can even buy a kit to pair the AX15 (manual) to a LS V8 (aka theyre stout). Rated 15mpg city 20 highway, not the best but not bad. Good room inside considering the vehicle isnt that big. I like how they drive and the manual trans feels great. Considering you can get a decent one for under $2500, I gotta agree, great value.
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