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Thread: Any body work people?

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2014-01-11 21:20:01
Any body work people?
Noticed I haven't seen any threads/section about body work and paint. Any of you guys ever do DIY jobs?

Just took on a mess of a B13 with a good friend of mine and redid his B13. Body work came out decent from what it was and paint came out great for my first time spraying an entire car.

Anyone have pointers on wet sanding and buffing? This has me even more nervous than spraying the base/clear.

Feel free to post pics. Would love to see some before and afters of what you guys have done.

Here is a current pic of the budget makeover B13 we just did. Haven't seen a millennium jade B13 before. Color looks different in pics versus in person.

More pics of that said car: http://www.sr20-forum.com/members-rides/71857-nismooo-s-progress-thread.html#post954229

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2014-01-11 21:58:27
Start with 1000 grit to get the orange Peel out then go to 1200 then buff and take your time
2014-01-11 22:02:19
I just painted my VE valve cover with automotive grade lacquer rattle can (primer/color/clear) and am wet sanding it with 2000 grit then buff with a rubbing compound, some polish, then some wax. So far so good (just finished the wet sanding and started the compound. I'm no pro, and am learning as I go, but my Dad's been into auto body since before I was born, so he's on call whenever I am unsure of things, ha ha.
2014-01-11 22:24:48
That's the plan Steve. Might even start 1500 because its really not that bad. I am just iffy about buffing. Don't want to burn the clear. Shes been baking in the garage at like 70-80* all day. When do you guys think I should wet sand and buff? I was thinking of giving it a couple weeks to harden but some people say it can be done in days.

Post some pics if you have any @2_Liter_Turbo , I'd like to see other projects.
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2014-01-11 22:35:35
Yeah 1500 is actually what my dad told me to use, but I had some 2k laying around, ha ha. Just takes a bit longer. I'm not going crazy trying to get all the peel out of the clear, as I only have two coats (ran out). I waited 2 weeks by circumstance, but I think my Dad said wait 1-3 days... I think, lol. He did say to just watch shard edges and corners, as you'll burn through that fast. Large flat surfaces you'll be just fine. Maybe doing edges and what not by hand would be better. That's my plan. I'll post pics when I get it all sex'd up.
2014-01-11 22:42:25
It's all up to you bes you can do it next day or let it sit and do it but I see a lot of people do it 2 to 3 days after
2014-01-11 23:40:18
Cool that was the plan. Going to finish up painting the side skirts and bumpers later this week due to a tight garage. I figured I'll roll it out mid week and finish up then practice sanding/buffing a couple days after on the mirrors and shit.
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