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Thread: 96 maxima, identifying a part and its duty.

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2013-04-04 15:57:05
96 maxima, identifying a part and its duty.
There a solonoid looking cylinder part to the right on top of the intake manifold (driver side) it has one pigtail and two hose going to it. It makes a motor like noise when you crank the engine and stops when car has started.

The car doesn't crank sometimes but this solonoid still buzzes, when it does start it buzzes the same so the buzzing im assuming is regular operating noises. It just didnt want to start one day just click so this is when I noticed this part upon inspection and I also noticed the pigtail was slightly off so I pushed it on and nothing so I pulled it off cleaned it and then it started, its been starting for the pass day soo im not sure if its coincidence that the starter unsiezed momentarily or was the pigtail didnt have a good contact. I ask only cause I dont know the purpose of that part and would like to know if theres a relation between the starter and that part on the right ontop of the manifold.
2013-04-04 21:02:40
I believe its a purge vac solonoid, will this hinder cranking? Common sense tells me no as the starter is stand alone correct?
2013-04-04 21:05:42
Sounds like the idle valve to me...
2013-04-13 21:15:04
It sounds like an evap solenoid, perhaps a purge solenoid. Trying to find out what it is called even from the dealer is next to impossible. Can't order it by what all data or a scan tool suggest it is called. I believe when you get the invoice Nissan has it cleverly labeled as solenoid, just like another 2-4 others in the evap system. Won't affect starting at all.
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