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Thread: Nissan selling $3,000 dollar cars

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2012-10-02 23:33:51
Nissan selling $3,000 dollar cars
For Datsun revival, Nissan gambles on $3,000 model - Yahoo! Autos

2012-10-02 23:41:46

Best part of that article is mentioning that Nissans cheapest car is arguably the best, The Tsuru for $8,000.

I would go buy one right now for $8 grand and enjoy my rear suspension, too!

I dunno how I feel about the rest. It feels like Toyota is to Scion as Nissan is to Datsun and I don't like that much.

EDIT: ""But it'll be a shame if they're cheap cars. I had really hoped they'd make a more polished car," he said. (Mr. K)

We shall see. I have been disappointed more times in Nissan than some ex-girlfriends and I still maintain my Nissan relationship. Nice article, thank you @danfiveten
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2012-10-03 00:49:01
Oh i can't wait for this.
2012-10-03 00:50:24
No doubt it'll be a total turd, but who'll be first stuff a VE or DET in it?
2012-10-03 00:57:42
Light and cheap make good lemons race cars
2012-10-03 01:20:21
well hopefully its a rwd turd lol
2012-10-03 02:12:05
even so, if they at least brought them to the us, they would be good first cars for kids and and college students lol.
2012-10-03 02:17:51
Originally Posted by jdmb14sx
well hopefully its a rwd turd lol

Hell, I'll take a fwd turd if... "the company will have to jettison features that have long been standard in the U.S. ....from automatic transmissions to a full supply of air bags" and "their exhaust systems will be noisier and vibrate more, much as they did before the addition of silencers and stabilizers"

I'm going out on a limb here, but WHEN Datsun makes it back to the States it will be good. And I will buy. And I will ride around town shaking my fist at everyone under 30.
2012-10-03 02:56:10
so nissan is going to DESTROY the datsun name? pretty expected from them these days
2012-10-03 04:11:46
Sad thing is, nissan has already destoryed their name, these datsuns may save them in other markets since they have started to fuck themselves here with not listening to the customer. Im hoping for some cool updated datsun emblems to hit ebay.
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