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Thread: Nissan selling $3,000 dollar cars

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2012-10-03 04:18:08
Originally Posted by Kyle

EDIT: ""But it'll be a shame if they're cheap cars. I had really hoped they'd make a more polished car," he said. (Mr. K)

We shall see. I have been disappointed more times in Nissan than some ex-girlfriends and I still maintain my Nissan relationship.

So true + Eleventy billion.
Thank you for this Kyle.

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2012-10-03 11:34:42
Datsun back in 2014
For Datsun Revival, Nissan Gambles on $3,000 Model - WSJ.com

"Datsun cars won't be sold in the U.S. or other industrialized nations, at least not initially. In those markets, regulatory and safety issues alone would virtually eliminate the company's super low-pricing strategy. "If you go to the U.S., it's not going to end up being $3,000," Mr. Ghosn said."

EDIT - Sorry, wasn't logged in and didn't see the post in off-topic, and search didn't find it either...
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2012-10-03 12:36:50
Nissan revitalizing Datsun Brand article on Yahoo
It's easy, what they should do is retro style a 510 model, offer it with the minimums with a powerful engine. I can almost gaurantee if they do there design better then the French hybrids with Renault you are going to see an awesome car.

They also need to offer it in the US. The economy is getting worse here and more and more people are looking to cheap used cars. Imagine offering this same car in the US for 5K with just a few added items that some people just need. I think it would sell well.

2012-10-03 13:17:43
They should go old school and bring back THE 510
2012-10-03 13:38:21
"But it'll be a shame if they're cheap cars. I had really hoped they'd make a more polished car," he said. (Mr. K)

Even a 103-year old Man still wants to take pride in his work. Ghosn could learn a thing or turn if he would stop worrying about GD profit margins and get back to the point.
2012-10-03 14:13:50
Originally Posted by White
They should go old school and bring back THE 510

Please no. They'll screw that one up too.
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2012-10-03 14:53:13
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2012-10-03 15:05:06
Trust me, my family is one family that most wants to see a 510 done again, especially when you look at our garage, i would go sell my se-l and g20 in a heartbeat to buy one if it was done right. Retro looking, good safety specs, 2 door with the 3 door option like the rx8, Turbo, rwd, and most of all, SIMPLE, like the 510 is supposed to be. But i know if nissan did it now they would just fuck it up, so i hope they stay a very long way away from ever touching the 510 again, i dont want them to ruin it.
2012-10-03 23:31:29
I could see this being really good or really bad.

Really good if they sell something you know will be trusted, such as tried-and-true platforms (the B13 being one). Aside from the fact that we're bias here, look at how well the Tsuru is doing in Mexico. 20+ year old design that people are still scooping up because it is a solid car. Yes they're mostly used as taxis but still a sales success. They would save so much on development costs if they simply just brought old platforms back. They wouldn't have to worry about stringent modern safety and emission regulations. I'm not even talking about offering that to us. From a purely marketing standpoint, there is no reason this wouldn't work in developing countries. Maybe revise the sheetmetal but thats it.

Really bad if they take after companies like Tata Motors. Nothing quality there.

And as for a modern 510 in the US: I'm at the point that I don't want them to do that at all. If you want to make something with similar characteristics fine, but don't insult the 510 name. Name it something else. I challenge Nissan to make anything close to what the 510 was and stood for.
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2012-10-04 02:07:05
Litmus test: When a 103 year old former Datsun/Nissan executive thinks it's a bad idea, it's a bad idea.
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