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Thread: Nissan about to drop the ball again

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2012-07-22 16:51:27
Originally Posted by Teal97
imho, with only 1 exception, Nissan has been producing UGLY ASS cars for a long time. this will only continue their tradition. who gives a shiiet about drive-train or suspension if you can't look past the skin?? thanks Renault;(

At least you guys in the USA didn´t get this POS:
2012-07-22 19:15:08
Originally Posted by TrackJunky82
They should have called this a GTi-R successor. If they bring it over with AWD and a turbo 1.6 I'd consider it.


I thought for sure I was the only one who looked at that, saw AWD + Turbo and thought, woah, a new GTi-R. I don't even care if it's meant to "fight" the BRZ or whatever.
2012-07-23 19:33:00
Nissan Working on Mini-Z to target FR-S/BRZ - Motor Trend

I'm sorry but I have to laugh out of their own embarrassment. They're planning to develop this and make it available in late 2013? How long was the Toyburu in devlopment and testing?

The only confidence I have is if it's similar to what happened from the 510 to the B13. RWD to FWD and was surprisingly successful. So are they planning to do the same..... 240SX to Mini-Z? Maybe I don't have confidence in this.
2012-07-23 20:02:06
That car pictured there is pretty nice looking, not a fan of the other one bubble one though. If the Z was cheaper it would've been a way bigger success. Cuz personally that car is sexy as hell.
2012-07-23 20:05:41
Car looks like a brz
2012-07-30 16:43:43
IF they come out with an AWD they better make it have a rear drive bias. Although a transverse engine mounting will not give it some of the benefits that the BRZ enjoys. No matter what they come out with the BRZ will still be the superior drivers car. Nissan better also wisen up and make sure this sports car for the youth can handle serious track laps without overheating.

At this point in time Toyota/Subaru > Nissan
Last edited by TrackJunky82 on 2012-07-30 at 16-47-35.
2012-07-31 11:17:57

If it looks anything like this, cool. I still have one problem though. Who's actually going to build it? If Renault has anything to do with it, I wouldn't touch it. It needs to be built by Nissan in Japan, with Japanese parts. They've got too much to lose if they cheap out on the build.
2012-07-31 19:25:34
^ that is sexy 2.0 I4 turbo RWD and done deal.
2012-07-31 19:29:11
Originally Posted by rustbucket
^ that is sexy 2.0 I4 turbo RWD and done deal.

I'm with you.

2L turbo RWD or AWD making 220- 280 and I will buy it as soon as it comes out
2012-07-31 20:08:47
Like that will ever be made, lol.
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