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Thread: FRS is here!

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2012-08-07 04:22:07
I drove one of these at a 'first drive' event. It's a fun car to drive, but with 12.5:1 compression..I don't see much room for mods..will a 2jz drop in there?! lol

For $25k I'd rather have a Mustang GT

2012-08-07 04:30:21
Found his picture when he weighed it...

but ive already seen a prototype turbo kit on one....
I know Coheed has seen it already too.

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2012-08-07 06:00:41
The AP turbo kit is on 6psi making 281whp right now with a disco potato on stock header with cats. Pump gas. Not too shabby. 8psi should break 300whp but it will be a bit of a stretch to get there. Right now I suspect the port injectors are tuned to run extremely lean mixtures that isn't ignitable, while the DI system supplies the rest of the fuel demands. Seems the disco may just barely get the DI to max out. Rumors have it the DI are 450cc and the port injectors are a 200-250cc.

Of course, the DI may be 450cc but injector timing has a lot to do with actual flow rate that's usable. So it is probably safe to say the whole setup of injectors is likely around 550cc.

I still want one. Super sentra will find a good home some day.
2012-08-07 11:16:21
Someone at the hospital I work at already has a white one.

I do love the looks and the fact it's marketed as a fun car and not the end all be all of performance really has my interest.
2012-08-07 12:39:37
Originally Posted by danfiveten
^ missing the point of cars

Not always about power, about getting pussy with looks, this thing wouldnt pull a piece of ass from a ass hole contest. And thats the only type of people who drive them like most subis...ass holes.

Not saying all subi drivers are ass holes, just a good portion of them up here in the pnw give them a VERY bad name with their attitude saddly.

Buying a car to get a piece of ass?...again, not what these cars are about.

If I was worried about my "image", I wouldn't have a Sentra, either.
2012-08-07 13:21:07
At the arrive and drive event this past weekend the FRS was nicknamed "Plow-King". Great nickname for a car that is all about handling. I signed up but decided I had better things to do.
2012-08-07 13:29:58
From Emilio (Mr. 949 Racing).
Track testing FR-S

Originally Posted by emilio700
Some FR-S test results from Buttonwillow 13CW this weekend. In each case, I did maybe 1-2 hot laps then came in. I had a total of 8-10 full laps for the entire day, 1-2 laps at at time then in for changes. I had to adapt to whatever changes we made on the out lap, go for it then back in for more adjustments or switch drivers. The car's owner, Matt Andrews, did the bulk of the driving. So most of my laps had some little errors, or traffic. I'd say each lap time posted here left 1s on the table in the same conditions. All runs 100% as delivered from dealer unless otherwise mentioned.

1. 100% bone stock + Carbotech XP10/XP8 pads, 85° 2:12.1
2. 255/40/17 RS3 on 17x9, Subaru "crash" alignment bolts (add -.7°), 90°, 2:07.1
3. Same as set up #2, + prototype AST 4150's, 93°, 2:03.75. This lap had three big mistakes.

Too hot and ran out of time to test much else. Lots left on the table. Sub 2:00 car on RS3's in cool weather with a few tweaks to the coilover setup. Wanted to test the Ventus TD C71's but didn't get them in time. That would have been high 1:58's I think. The FR-S is fast. It's much closer to an AP2 than an NA/NB or even NC. It may turn out to be just as fast or even faster than an AP2 for the same mods. Tough to get an AP2 really fast without a wing or geometry modifications. The FR-S will probably end up more like the NB in that it just needs coilovers, alignment and wheels to go fast.

I'll leave it up to Matt to fill in the blanks and add the cool video from the igloo cases stuck all over the car. He'll be campaigning the car in TT probably so I'll guess he won't divulge the entire setup we are coming up with

Look for full report at his blog FEcompetition | automotive exploits

I only had one short video of an outlap on my GoPro and shaky mount. This was setup #2 while we played with air pressures so I'm still feeling it out when the checkered flies. The rest of the videos are on Matt's cameras so those will have to wait until he gets back into town next week. Interesting note, he used his trick igloo cases for iPhone and either clamps or suctions mounts on the body.

2012-08-07 14:00:07
Who is AST?

I bet it was hard for 949 to source parts to get the prototypes to fit... http://brzpost.com/threads/vorshlag-ast-develops-first-coilover-suspension-for-the-2013-subaru-brz.160/
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2012-08-07 15:01:33
Originally Posted by wnwright
At the arrive and drive event this past weekend the FRS was nicknamed "Plow-King".

does not approve
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2012-08-07 15:26:32
What the BRZ might look like:

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