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Thread: FRS is here!

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2012-06-01 16:38:58
Just got a silver one now. 6-speed. 26k... ugh.

It actually says Subaru all over the engine bay as well as the intake manifold cover....

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2012-06-01 20:44:57
I work over here at toyota carlsbad.. These things are flying off the lot.. We had 3 come in on tuesday and 4 come in today all of them presold except for 1, which is now sold lol. They're extremely fun to drive though took on a test drive earlier after a pre-delivery inspection.. But yea it does have subaru slapped all over it lol
2012-06-01 21:13:34
Sweet, I'm at Delray Toyota. I am yet to take one out but we don't have that many at all. Getting one here and there.
2012-06-01 21:19:34

I will take this BRZ STI if it comes turbo for the factory with 300HP and sells for $35,000 or less.

It would be an easy bolt on 500 WHP car with a FP Red, 740cc injs, 3.5in exhaust, front mount intercooler and a tune.

2012-06-02 01:41:56
I'd buy it on day one. ^^^
2012-08-07 03:36:12
Power power power...you guys are missing the point of these cars.
2012-08-07 03:44:56
Originally Posted by hammerin
Power power power...you guys are missing the point of these cars.

Da tr00f

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2012-08-07 03:45:06
Originally Posted by hammerin
you guys are missing the point of these cars.

So this is NOT it, correct?

2012-08-07 03:46:04
^ missing the point of cars

Not always about power, about getting pussy with looks, this thing wouldnt pull a piece of ass from a ass hole contest. And thats the only type of people who drive them like most subis...ass holes.

Not saying all subi drivers are ass holes, just a good portion of them up here in the pnw give them a VERY bad name with their attitude saddly.
2012-08-07 04:06:22
Originally Posted by rmyc
Originally Posted by Coheed
If Nissan could get their act together and offer us a lightweight, small compact, silvia that has back seats for small kids... around 200whp and turbo.... then sign me up. And if they make it one lb over 2800lbs, they fail.

BRZ is 200hp N/A , 4 seater and 2600lbs

the price on them will lower once production picks up. And you know greddy will have a turbo kit for it, and scion might have a factory TRD charger

I've seen one on a scale... 2940 iirc
I'm sure it had nav and all that.
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