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Thread: FRS is here!

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2012-05-26 00:38:29
They can suck my "market value".
2012-05-26 01:41:22
There is no way anyone in their right mind would pay that much money for a 200hp sports car. This is as bad as the civic SI 4dr around here. Dealers wanted nearly 40K for one with a 9k markup.
2012-05-26 01:41:45
This is awesome
2012-05-26 01:48:52
Performance cars sitting still.
2012-05-26 02:09:46
LOL! Awesome Gif. Saved for future use.
2012-05-26 03:10:24
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Performance cars sitting still.

Thats the first Subaru promo video I've ever seen for an STi or probably anything else where flames didn't shoot out the exhaust. Where is the clawing for gravel, and the backfire as it shoots out of a switchback in the Greek countryside?

It is winning on road courses though so it looks more than legit. After looking at the Nismo Z today though I'm less than enthused. why bother with this when that is out there? This STi version will have its work cut out for it unless its pretty cheap.
2012-05-26 04:10:18
the 370Z will annihilate this BRZ in nearly every test of speed. The FRS/BRZ needs another 100hp to compete.

I dream of the BRZ STI with 240hp to match the S2k of year's past. And then it needs some forced induction to get it around 320-350whp. Then it will be a riot!
2012-05-26 05:03:58
The BRZ STi will cost similar to Nismo Z money that's what I'm saying. Plus the Z is just much more sexier. Its undeniable.
2012-05-26 05:36:42
The nismo Z is a 50K car. The STI will not exceed 33k i bet. Still no turbo. I bet it comes as a 5k package on a standard model. The 370z is an amazing car, but it still costs 40k MSRP on most models.
2012-05-26 12:28:07
Originally Posted by jet
Is this even true? Market Value mark up?

I think that's bullshit, but then again these things are selling before the dealers can even get them off the trucks.

Here, there are three STi's and two WRX's that were traded in already, and the BRZ's havn't even been delivered to the dealership yet.

Market value = supply and demand. I'd walk away if they added that to a sticker, though. With a sticker price like that, I'd be all over another make/model a la 370z.
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